Saturday, April 12, 2014

1914 London Building Workers Lock-Out

Early in 1914 London was gripped by a Lock-out of 30,000 Building workers, They were locked out by their employers federation "The Grand Master Builders Federation" because of a series of strikes for better pay the workers had undertaken in 1912-13 and the workers growing refusal to work with non union workers.

A large crowd of building labourers carrying a banner of the Builders & General Labourers Union attended the laying of the foundation stone of St Mark Church, Bathurst Gardens, Kensal Rise, Harlesden by Lady Hilda Mosley on Saturday afternoon. 

Lady Mosley was booed and hooted by the building workers and the crowd sang the "Red Flag"

The dispute building workers remained solid and the dispute was not settled at the outbreak of the War in August 1914

Glasgow Herald 27 April 1914