Monday, October 17, 2016

United Order of General Labourers of London - Union Banner 1912

United Order of General Labourers of London (U.O.G.L.), 
Union Banner 1912

Union established 1878

One of the original London Dock workers Unions

Central painting a depiction of of London Bridge

Later amalgamated into the Transport and General Workers Union in 1924

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Wimbledon NUR 1982

Cable Street 1936

Manchester Postal Workers Union Banner UPW

Clapham Independent Labour Party ILP Banner

Air Gunner J. A. Clough (KIA) - The Stench of Nazism WW2

Labour MP Acton - Joseph Sparks

Joseph Sparks born Tiverton Devon 1901
Election agent Barnstaple 1923 and Taunton 1924
Moved to London and worked as a clerk at Paddington Station in the employ of the Great western Railway
Secretary of the South Kensington Labour Party. He entered local politics at Acton and was a member of both Acton Borough Council and Middlesex County Council. He was Mayor of Acton in 1957-58. he was also President of the London Region of the National Union of Railwaymen (NUR)

Paddington NUR

He made three unsuccessful attempts to enter the Commons, standing at Taunton in 1929 and Chelmsford in 1931 and Buckingham in 1935

Elected MP for Acton 1945 

Labour Party Conference Portsmouth 1909

Lord Snell Leader of the London County Council

Lord Snell

National Socialist Party Split from BSP - WW1 - 1916

28th September 1916
National Socialist Party split from the British Socialist Party

Farewell To William Rust

Farewell to William Rust Editor of the Daily Worker

Social Democratic Party Banner - Karl Marx

Social Democratic Party banner

Not Only
The Right To Work
But The
Right To Leisure

This SDP banner seems to have a portrait of Karl Marx in the centre, if so this would surely be the earliest representations of Marx on a British banner

National union of railwaymen Banner 1919

London Carmens Trade Union Banner 1912

London Carmens Trade Union banner
Bethnal Green Carmens Trade Union banner No 22

"All Workers Have A Right To Live Well"

National union of Railwaymen - Midlands Railway Banner