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Notes on West Middlesex
and the Spanish Civil War

In July 1936 A.J. Murphy of Beresford Road, Southall wrote a very incisive letter to the Advertiser stating
“The Spanish people are defending democracy with their lives they are not doing it for Spain alone, they are doing it for the peoples of all democratic countries in Europe for who can doubt if Fascism triumphs in Spain that tomorrow the peoples front in France will equally be attacked”

January 1937 a meeting of the
Southall Communist party had two speakers on Spain G.Y. Lothian of the TGWU and Isabel Brown Secretary of the Relief for Victims of War & Fascism. Showed film “Defence of Madrid” by Ivor Montagu, (with the aid of Norman McLaren - cameraman) filmed in November 1936 The collection raised £70,0s 5d, including £25 from the A.E.C. strike Committee
The film was in three parts
1)The assault on a people
2) The defence of Liberty
3) The World assists.

It showed air raids and air battles and scenes of great destruction at the office of Public works, newspaper, Church of San Sebastian, Palace of Duke of Alma and other Places…It shows a fire caused by a quarter ton bomb, still burning fire days later after the explosion. It showed the slain and injured victims. The second part dealt with the call to arms the building of barricades and air raid shelters the drilling and dispatch of troops to the front. It showed front line line scenes taken under fire in the University City. The third part showed the dispatch of food ships from the Soviet union the string of supplies to the capital, medical aid and hospital scenes and the work of the International Column (Brigade).

The column was shown in billets at the bunkhouse in the machine gun repair shop and in the front line trenches. There was also a picture of Ludwig
Renn (b 22 april 1889-d21July 1979 famous German pacifist writer and one of Hans Beimler the German Communist MP who later died in the defence of Madrid in December 1936. I

Isabel Brown stated at the meeting “This fight was not between fascism and communism but between fascism and democracy” she went on to to speak about the “urgent need not only of arms but also of medical aid and warm clothing”

On Thursday 13
th January 1937 a meeting of the “Aid to Spain” movement was held at Costons School, Oldfield Lane with D.F. Macauley in the Chair . A second meeting was held on 14th February with Michael Finn (AUBTW - Building union) and recent trade union delegation to Spain at Greenford.

In February 1937 it was reported by Mrs A. Grandjean (5 Brent Road,Southall) of the Communist Party, that Southall had three men in Spain, two in the International Brigade and one in the Medical unit as an Ambulance Driver The meeting was inaugurated as a result of rank & File Transport & General Workers bus section conference of all trade unionists in London to hold meeting for the sending of delegates to Spain said T. Duncan Greenford Aid to Spain was organising Thursday afternoon knitting sessions at 51 Rothesay Avenue.

T. Duncan in the International Brigade “Fascism must be crushed in Spain, the only thing he could do was go to Spain and fight for the workers”
Mr M. Bromley a member of the International Brigade spoke to the Greenford Committee in March 1937 Ealing Spanish relief Committee held an inaugural meeting in the Lecture Room, Ealing Green, Congregational Church, The Secretary was Mr R.V. Procter of 24 Bradley Garens, West Ealing

Brothers Joe Coomes (Ealing) International Brigade while Jim Coomes (Ealing) Ambulance sons of Mrs Ernest Coombes 2a Limes Walk, Ealing
March 1937 a meeting was held at
Southall Labour hall, the speaker was Dr C. Addison of the British Medical unit. Two resolutions were carried agreeing the setting up of a United Aid to Spain Committee which was charged with organising a campaign of solidarity and raising cash to assist the work of the Spanish Medical Aid unit and the heroic international brigade and to arouse the people of Southall and Hayes to the dangers of the non-intervention policy of the national government. The other resolution called upon the Trades Union Congress to call a Conference on Spain..
A committee representing twenty organisations was formed to get in touch with Churches, Chapels and other bodies regarding Spain. £5 for the Dr Addison Fund was raised In April a he Friends of Spain Uxbridge & Slough District Medical committee was established with the aim of raising £400-£500 for a medical unit. Mr W. Kuhlman of 17 Oakleigh Road, Hillingdon agreed to be the assistant District Secretary and Mrs L.Y. Morgan of 51 Swan Road, West Drayton was organiser for Yiewsley & west Drayton.

They organised house to house collections.
The Friends of Spain held its first public meeting at St Andrews Parish hall, Uxbridge where the main speaker was Dr Milne, The Irish poet, the entrance fee was 6d and the meeting showed the film “Defence of Madrid” and News from Spain. On May 1st 1937 the Film Defence of Madrid was shown at the Methodist hall, long lane at 8pm Leaders Wilfred Roberts MP , Duchess of Atholl and Eleanor Rathbone

A society for the defence of political liberty
Uxbridge April Speaker Miss Levatoff recently on delegation to Spain and Rex Irming London District Organiser “They were of the opinion that Franco would never capture Madrid, their spirits and morale was high” They were convinced that they were fighting not only for Freedom of Spain but for the overthrow of Fascism throughout Europe

Winston Churchill had stated in the Evening Standard 10th August 1936 that “The Spanish government had no legal or moral claim to support Spain, since it was being subverted and devowed by Communism” he was still supporting Franco as late as December 1938 (unlike Ted Heath future Conservative Prime Minister, who supoported the Republican cause)

British Unit left for Spain on August 23rd 1936

Captain W. B. Martin who fought in Spain in the 6
th Artillery Battery of 1st Durutti Column spoke November 1937 Ruislip-Northwood Labour party speaking of the rebel troops stated “Over the top dressed in German field gray uniform there was the nucleus of world war in Spain and the English working Class should say it must stop since the beginning of the wars in Spain had been turned from a country of orange groves and vineyards into one of desolation and ruin by the rebel fascist forces who were backed up by dictators. Unless that was stopped in Spain it would happen to this country” William Martin a World War 1 veteran recognising the gravity of the situation immediately took command of an artillery section of sixty men In September 1936 ambulance Joaquin Maurin driven to Aragon front seen off from Clapham by Fenner Brockway special branch thought contained signaling equipment

In May 1936 J.
Woodburn Secretary of the Uxbridge Trades Council stated

“That Hitler means War, there is no doubt and no matter what pacts he may sign they will not be worth the paper they are written on”

”We must make the workers understand that Hitler is a menace to Peace in Europe, make no mistake about it the first round has gone to Fascism and reaction, but we must see that now Unity has won in France, Spain and shown what can be done in Peckham the next round will also beat Fascism and reaction in this Country”


I believe Robert "Bob" Walker of Goulds Green may have been the only Hillingdon International Brigade member (ie from the Borough at the time of the Spanish Civil War) died aged 77 in 1989
Bobby or Bob Walker
From Edinburgh he saw poverty and unemployment in his youth and joined the Scots Guards to avoid starvation. Seeing the role of imperialism in the colonies turned him towards Communism. This military service made him an invaluable volunteer for the International Brigade during the Spanish Civil War.
After being wounded, he became a machine gun instructor and commanded the British Battalion’s machine gun company in the Ebro offensive. He settled in London after the Spanish war and became an AEU shop steward a Napier’s and later at London airport. On his retirement, he acted as treasurer of the Uxbridge pensioners’ association and chair of the International Brigades Association.
Morning Star 4th July 1989

Dickie Bond recalled that he lived in Hayes at some point

Seth Copeman ? another International Brigadier lived in Hillingdon after the Spanish Civil War

Jewish International Brigade Jack or James Wolfe, Hillingdon, London killed in action August 1937 Belchite. (listed on a Jewish anti fascist site)

John Mansfield building motorbike with sidecar ambulances for Spain at Hayes Labour hall, Pump Lane

Mrs A. Grandjean active in Southall Comunist party and Southall Peace Council (any information welcomed)

Picture Attlee speaking to International Brigade in Spain

Mrs A. Grandjean, (5 Brent Road, Southall) very active in local and national Comunist Party

Hayes By-Pass - Labour Party Demand 1984

Hayes Bypass was fought for by the local Hayes Labour Party for many years, but credit must go to campaigners such as Ossie Garvin, Peter Fagan and John McDonnell in forcing it through to conclusion.
The protest above dates from 1984

The Hayes Gazette records that
Peak-hour traffic was held up in Hayes Town Centre on Thursday evening by Hayes Bypass demonstrators.

Protesters, led by Greater London Council deputy leader Mr John McDonnell, marched across and, at one stage, sat in the middle of a zebra crossing near Pump Lane as a demonstration against what they claim is the minister's delay in giving her decision on the Bypass inquiry report.

The protest lasted about 20 minutes. Police arrived soon after it ended but there was no trouble.

Mr Ginger Evans, a member of the local Hayes Labour Party's management committee, was among the protesters, who included Hillingdon Council Labour Party leader Cllr Peter Fagan.
He said: "Most of the people we talked to in their cars seemed to be sympathetic because they agreed that there should be a Hayes Bypass."

Mr John McDonnell, who is also the GLC member for Hayes and Harlington, said: "The demonstration was to draw people's attention to the fact that all we need is the go-ahead from the minister. The money is there and all the contacts are ready to go."
He added that it was scandalous that ministers had sat on the inquiry inspector's report for more than seven months and that every day that passed without a decision meant that local residents had to put up with the "din, dirt and danger" from heavy through traffic that should be on the bypass.
"There have been no delays preventing the go ahead from the GLC side.
Mr McDonnell added: "We have done everything we can to speed up this project and get the work started and now we want to hear the minister say 'Yes' to
the scheme so we can get on with the task of providing this valuable new road link."

A Transport Department spokesman said that the department and the Environment Department still had the inspector's report and that it was hoped that an announcement would be made as soon as possible.


Left to right Eric "Ginger" Evans, unknown?, Chris Rogers, George Philpot, John McDonnell (sitting) Steve Clare and behind (unseen) the last poster on right one Michael Walker
Circa 1984

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Wilberforce -Hillingdon 200 years

On the 200th anniversary of the abolition of slavery, it would be right to ask just what has Uxbridge done to celebrate one of its greatest citizens ???

William Wilberforce lived in Uxbridge between 1824 to 1826 at the Chestnuts, an 18th-century house which still stands in Honeycroft Hill.

Frederick Douglass, former slave and revolutionary US abolitionist in a speech delivered in Paisley, Scotland, 17 April 1846
“When Wilberforce came forward, public attention became directed to the matter.
.“Ten times did he introduce a bill for the abolition of the slave trade, and ten times was it doomed to defeat – parliament sometimes laying the matter on the table, and at other times giving it an indefinite postponement.
“Convinced that justice, that humanity, that all nature was on his side, believing that by perseverance he would succeed, he went on with his good work.
“And what do we see take place within half a century? We see the slave trade, which was sanctioned by all Christians, is now nearly regarded as not only improper, but as piracy, and the men caught at it are hung up at the yard-arm.”

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Hayes & Harlington Urban District Council Labour Council Candidates
Election Day Saturday 22 March 1930

East Ward
Frederick John Harcourt

West Ward
Patrick Egan, Farm Manager/bailiff, 10 Seventh Avenue
Ida Stone Gray, Married Women, 16 Mount Road

South Ward
Charles Henry Glenister, Railway Supervisor, 7 Halsway (Elected)
Anna Brigitta Greenhead ,Married Women, 7 Second Avenue (Elected)

George Alexander Castleman, Taxi driver, Sharrow, Redmead Road
Henry Edwin Hathorn, Railway Servant, 66 Pinkwell Avenue
James Albert Taylor, Carpenter, 9 Clements Gardens
Walter Sidney Wanstall, Motor driver, 15 Redmead Road


The new enlarged council now has 20 seats 9 Labour 9 Resident Association and 1 independent Mr F.W. Cox (Cranford ward) and 1 "Genuine Labour"

Joseph Hook, Engine Driver of 37 Longmead Road was elected in East Ward as a "Genuine Labour and Tenants candidate"

Patrick "Pat" Egan Secretary of Hayes Independent Labour party (ILP)
Fred Harcourt was also an active ILP member at Yeading

Mr C. H Kelf was also a key member of the Hayes Labour Party

Charles "Charlie" Viveash, Landlord, Victoria Inn at Harlington also candidate for Residents association - road named after him, many Labour councillors attended his funeral

Ramsay MacDonald at Harrow (Updated)

Harrow Independent Labour Party
Ramsay MacDonald, Labour leader and Labour Prime Minister was a founder member of the Harrow branch of the Independent Labour Party (ILP) in the late 1890's

The meeting was held over tea Hillcrest, Harrow View at the invitation of Mr Harry Phillips who was the endeavouring to establish a branch of the Independent labour Party in Harrow.

Mr Phillips nor Mr C.J. Peer then of Harrow Weald and now of Ickenham (who were also present) are likely to forget the circumstances, as they are still resident in the district. While Mr MacDonald and Mr Peer have pursued their ideals by different road, Mr Harry Phillips has renounced party politics entirely
September 1931 Uxbridge Advertiser

either 1899-1901 Harrow ILP established

Lawrence Worsnop Labour 1931General Election

Lawrence Worsnop 1931 General Election

Mr L.W. Worsnop was selected as the Perspective Labour Candidate for the Uxbridge Division (which included Hayes, Southall and Uxbridge on 13th December 1930 at Hayes Labour hall

He was selected from three nominations and Mr Worsnop
was the nomination of the
Uxbridge Labour Party and the Uxbridge TGWU Electric branch

Lawrence Worsnop was born in Yorkshire and 20 years prior (circa 1920) had joined the Independent Labour Party and had become a member of the Yorkshire ILP Divisional Council
later he moved to Portsmouth in the South of England and was the President of Portsmouth Trades & Labour Council

Worsnop was a resident student at Ruskin College, Oxford 1913-1914
Presently he is an official of a Trade Union, serving in London He is also a member of the Small holders Committee of Middlesex County Council and has a keen intrest in small holdings and allotments

At the last general election Mr Lawrence Worsnop was the Labour Parliamentary candidate for Guildford, Surrey

Mr P Gardner was his election agent
for the 1931 General Election

Labour Central Committee rooms for the election where at Hayes Labour hall, Pump Lane, Hayes with committee rooms at Co-operative hall, Southall; B(R)onney's market Uxbridge; 31 High Street, Northwood; 1 Manor way, Ruislip and 28 High Street, Harefield


The oppostion included "The Workers candidate" is Mr Reginal Bridgeman (is the former Labour Candidate at the previous General Election, removed by the Labour Party headquarters because of his work within the League Against Imperialism (and its perceived links with the Communist Party)

Mr Bridgman's Agent is Mr Tom Morris of 61a Townholme Crescent, Southall and the committee Room was at 1 Cambridge Road, Southall

Mr Bridgeman lived at Waxwell Farm Cottage, Pinner

Hayes Labour & Trades 1923

Hayes Trades Council & Labour Party 1923

held at Hayes Restaurant April 1923


Mr Robert Joseph Leach Chairman
Mr Ensor Secretary (re-elected)
Mr George A. Manley Treasurer

Mr Douglas Page Vice Chairman
Mr J. Hayden Vice Chairman

Hayes Labour Hall Committee received £3 from Uxbridge Divisional Labour Party for the erection of a Labour hall

In late May 1923 Mr Hamblin Secretary and the President of Southall Labour Hall gave advice to Hayes "on ways adopted in Southall in obtaining their Hall"

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Southall May Day 1937


Southall's first May Day demonstration was held in 1937.

march started 3:30 from the White Swan Public House, King Street, Southall
The rally was addressed by Walter Ayles the newly selected Labour Party candidate for Uxbridge Division (which included Southall, Hayes and Uxbridge)

300 people took part in the march "behind the red flag and the gas, light & Coke Company band. Southall Labour Councillors were present

Banners included Communist Party, Socialist League, Labour Ward and trade union's and included a contingent of busmen strikers from Hanwell Garage (in white coats)

At Southall Park there were two platforms, one a saloon car and one a coal cart and from these speakers addressed the audience

Alderman G.A. Pargiter and Alderman Mrs F.S. Amos presided

Mr Dan Chater MP for Bethnal Green addressed the audience

Active in Southall Labour League of Youth, who had a contingent on the march (meet 2.30 at the Town hall) was Sid Bidwell (later MP) James Thomas Eldridge (Chairman of local League & Enginner) Mr G. Whitfield, Mr D.Romney

Ealing Young Communists meet at Hanwell Library every Tuesday at 8pm , YCL Secretary K.Knight 17 Almond Avenue, Ealing

YCL involved in local Southall Clarion Cycling Club

Southall Mayor Ernest Bartlett Hamblin

Ernest Bartlett Hamblin

mayor of Southall 1937

shortlisted for Labour Party perspective parliamentary candidate


Councillor Clara Barney - Hayes

Clara Barney

99 Blyth Road, Hayes

First women elected to Hayes Urban District Councillor in the 1920's

Clara refused to "doff" her cap to Lady Shackle

Her husband Alfred Barney, who worked at the Gramophone Works for 22 years died February 1930 aged 54, he was also active in Labour Party

four sons and three daughters

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Hayes Labour 1973


Thank you Mr Editor (Hayes and Harlington Labour Party Journal) for your last number which was very good indeed. When I think how difficult it is to find something fresh to say about our activities I realise how hard. you must work to fill your excellent little journal.
From Hayes Ward we have nothing to report,, we still battle on with the same loyal few doing the work. How very few there are we realised to our cost during the recent GLC Election, (When Peter Russell was elected for Hayes & Harlington with a 7,000 majority)

For several weeks before April 12th our lives seemed to consist of canvassing, writing,. folding, and delivering. In this I feel sure we were not alone, it is sad to think ,that nearly all Wards suffer from lack of helpers. If it is any consolation the Tories must have been worse off, if their lack of effort was anything to go by. It was rather annoying to see known Tory supporters coming along to the Polling Station with our Poll cards, because their Party hadn't bothered to give them their polling number,

However, the marvelous result here made all the hard work worth while, and I am sure that in Comrade Russell we have a sincere and hard working representative,
Now- - -what else has happened, you will probably have read a report of the Labour Party Dinner and Dance., It was, I think one of the most successful we have had. The problem now is - - where can we hold another? Our Social Committee Secretary has written to many places, but they are all very expensive, and in many cases want a guaranteed" number of around l80.
There was a suggestion that we might have one for the Borough, but this seems to have fallen by the wayside

For the first time we, the Hayes & Harlington Labour Party Women's Section had a good deal of support for our jumble sale, and it was heart warming to see the number of male helpers who came along. Some felt that we should have made more money, but I think that is debatable. There has to be a choice of practically giving the jumble away and asking a fair price and having it on our hands I personally favour the first course, remembering the old 'bird' in the hand maxim,
Hearing of the death of George Marshall (twice Labour Chairman of Hayes & Harlington Urban District Council) set me thinking of when we first started the Women's Section, Mrs Abbott was secretary and about five of us met on alternate Tuesday afternoons in the Labour Hall, Mr George Marshall (Labour hall caretaker in later life) was always there either repairing tables or chairs, cleaning or working on the ground at the side which he used as an allotment.
He often had a cup of tea with us and talked of the old days on the Hayes Council. He had a little "lean-to” at the back of the Office where he did all sorts of jobs and it always seemed to us that he really loved the old place.
From that to the Labour Hall to-day. There are some General Management Committee delegates who seem to be of the opinion that the Labour Hall Trustees have some kind of magic power. At the drop of the hat they can conjure up an accommodating developer who will build a marvellous Hall to our requirements. If this were so, we should have been luxuriously housed long ago.
If any member has about £55,000 he wishes to invest the Trustees will be only too glad to accept the offer,

Just before the schools broke up my husband and I went to two very enjoyable entertainments. The first held at our Lady and St Anselms was the combined efforts of four Primary Schools. The Choir and the Orchestra were conducted by Mr Eric Stephenson and the way those children followed his baton was really marvelous. At the conclusion Father Fische thanked the children in a very amusing manner. The second event was a production of Hayden's Creation by the choir and orchestra of Hayes Grammar School. This was a first class production. The success of both these events is a great tribute to the hard work of the teaching staff. The children in this Borough are indeed fortunate.
Margaret Wiltshire.

Women's section was dominated by Sandleson supporters
Hayes & Harlington Labour Party Journal “News & Events
21st edition of this monthly journal April 1973
450 copies printed

Peter Fagan Election address Hayes 1983

Peter Fagan

General Election, election address 9th June 1983

The Economy:
Major increase in public investment


Stop School closures
(Townfield, Evelyns and Southbourne)

Build more houses

Common Market:

Labour Party Election headquarters 21 Clayton Road, Hayes (APEX Union Office) 2nd floor

Election Agent Michael Martin

Southall British Workers Sports Association

The Southall Workers Sports Association 1937

meet at the Southall Labour Hall,

Social Secretary Mrs Skinner also Speaking at the first annual dinner in March 1937 Mr J. Broughton General Secretary stated

"We have proved that we can conduct ourselves without snobbery and influence of the employers so usually associated with office and works sports club"

Mr W.C. Carpenter Chairman of the Association and Mrs R.W. Carpenter

The largest section was the Swimming Club who's secretary was Mr R.G. Carpenter who succeeded Mrs Sabin who had left the district. A swimming gala was to be held in July 1937

The International Workers Olympiad was due to take place in Antwerp in July and it was hoped a strong British contingent was being sent. Included one from the local area


Cyril "Dickie" Bond (Uxbridge Communist Party) cycled at Moscow and Paris Workers Olympaid cycled)

In 1931 Cyril "Dickie" Bond was living at 83 Cowley Mill Road, Cowley, Uxbridge and was active in the local Uxbridge branch of the National Unemployed Workers Movement and League Against Imperialism

British Workers Sports Association 1946
Mr. G. W. Nelson, of Woodford Bridge, Essex, who is COHSE’s (health union) representative on the Executive Committee of the British Workers' Sports' Association, gave an address on Trades Unionism and Publicity at the Annual General Meeting in London last month.
The Association decided to support the holding of the Workers' Olympiad in London in 1950, as it was felt impossible to stage it in 1947, particularly as Wembley Stadium would not be available next year.
Birmingham District reported they were running a Cricket and Tennis League.
Mr. Goddard, one of C.O.H.S.E.'s (health union) Branch Secretaries at Paddington, has been co-opted on the Cycling Committee.
Cycling events up to September 1946 include :—
July 28th.—50 mile road course; South Mims.
August 18th.—25 mile youths' (under 18); South Mims.
September 16th.—10 miles ladies'. East Lanes. ; Walkden:
Also Proposed.—Inter-section race, between London and Birmingham.
Following are the addresses of National and District Secretaries:—
Athletics.—Mr. A. E. Read, 44 Brynmaer Road, London, S.W.1
Cycling - Mr. C.J. Morris, 198 High Street, Tonbridge.
Lawn Tennis—Mr. G. L. Deacon, 18 Beechcroft Road, near Maiden, Surrey.
Chess—Mr. M. J. Reilly, 20 Dollis Hill Avenue. London, N.W.2.
Bowls—Mr. C. H. Pitt, 14 St. George's Drive, Westminster, S.W.1
London.—Councillor Tom Morris, 3 Latimer Road, Hammersmith
Reading.—Mrs. Ivy Noyes, 47 Chiltern Road, Caversham, Reading.
Cardiff—Mr. S. W. Lewis, 93 Carlisle Street, Cardiff.
Bristol—Mr. A. E. Hudson, 38 Dorchester Road, Horfield, Bristol, 7.
Surrey.—Mr. G. L. Deacon, 18 Beechcroft Road, New Malden, Surrey.
Birmingham—Mr. E. T. Williams, 262-264 Corporation Street, Birmingham, 4.

British Workers Sports Association strong in Southall, old Clarion Cycling Club, also Middlesex Clarion Cycling Club into the 1960's

See Johnny Ralph UxbridgeCommunist and British Champion cyclist (Ralph crossing, Uxbridge 

March 1940 Daily Worker

By defeating Deptford Labour Party Football Club four goals to one on Saturday 9th March 1940 Walenders entered the final of the London Labour Cup

Holders of the trophy, they have four consecutive seaasons appeared in the semi finals.

Many of their players have won representative British Workers Sports Association football colours.

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Walls Meat factory - Hayes

Walls Meat Factory, Hayes Strike 1975

In November 1975, seven hundred TGWU members at Walls Meat went on strike for two weeks.

Senior Steward was Ted Harris (later NUPE Steward at Brunel University and Hillingdon Labour Councillor)

EMI Ariel - Hayes

The massive Ariel at Hayes, EMI which had become a landmark, was taken down it had stood from 1936 until March 1975

see Gazette 29th Mach 1975

Councillor Lou Sherman - Hillingdon

Lou Sherman

In 1975 Lou Sherman, Hillingdon Labour Councillor stated he almost resigned over the new Housing Finance Act as he believed the Council should do a "Clay Cross". He believed That Harold Wilson should resign

Lou Sherman came to Uxbridge from the East End in 1941

Lou Sherman 1977 Chair of London borough's association

Hillingdon COHSE Branch 1947

Through the courtesy of the Steward, Mr. C. Abel, the Canteen Hall at Hillingdon County Hospital was made available on Monday, May 12th 1947, for the first C.O.H.S.E. meeting of nurses to be held within the hospital.
Miss Doris E. Westmacott, S.R.N., S.C.M., National-Woman , Officer, addressed the meeting over which Mr. Wooley, Branch , Committee member, presided in the absence of the Chairman and Vice-Chairman.

There was a good attendance and the keenness with which those present followed the speaker's able and lucid address was very encouraging.
Questions were plentiful arid pointed, and werff ably dealt with. They related chiefly to Rushcliffe recommendations and the new Health Service.

Miss Westmacott also dealt briefly, but objectively, with the function of Trade Unions and tlie part that nurses and all Health Workers can play in C.O.H.S.E;, and the Trade Union Movement through affiliation to the Trades Union Congress.

At the clsoe of the meeting Mr Wooley thanked the speaker, and in reply Miss Doris Westmacott said when she returned in three months she expected an increase in nurse membership, based upon each exsisting nurse member obtaining just over two new members per month.

The Hillingdon County Hospital Nurses are on the job Good Luck to them !

COHSE Journal July 1947