Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Senghenydd Mining Disaster 439 Killed - 14 October 1913

Senghenydd Mining Disaster (South Wales) - 14 October 1913
The explosion killed 439 miners and a rescuer, is still the worst mining disaster in the United Kingdom

Robert Watson - Picket Killed 18th January 1979

Robert Watson was carrying out lawful union picketing duty at Aberdeen docks with his work mates on the 18th January 1979 , when he was struck and killed by a speeding non union lorry driver.

As far as can be be researched, Robert Watson was the only reported death during the Winter of Discontent strikes of 1979

Media hostility, copycat reporting and an unwillingness to move from an anti union narrative, means that to this day his tragic death goes unmentioned by those commenting on the Winter of Discontent strike.

The only fatality during the "Winter of Discontent" despite the media hysteria was a trade unionists going about his lawful right to strike for a living wage.

Remember Robert Watson

Marilyn Robeson

Marilyn Robeson (Paul Robeson's daughter-in law)
at Marx Memorial Library 2016

London County Council - Steam Boat

Railway Strike 1911 - Hackney Marshes

London Bus V Tram 1914

George Formby - Fighting Fascism

George Formby Fighting Fascism During WW2

"It's Turned Out Nice Again"

(Formby also refused to play segregated audiences during a tour of South Africa and was finally expelled from South Africa after police broke down his hotel room and escorted him to the Airport)

Yank Tanks - Trains of US Military in UK during WW2

American built "Yank tanks" trains at Southampton Docks
used to move around US Army equipment and soldiers during WW2

Dolphins in the Thames 1890

Dolphins in the Thames at Chelsea May 1890


Mary Robinson - Presidential Campiagn

London County Council - Eveline Mary Lowe

Eveline Mary Lowe (Bermondsey) 
Labour Chairman of the London County Council 1939-1940

London County Council Flag 1923

Flag of the London County Council raised at
County Hall 1923

(Future flag of an Independent London?)

Automatic Barriers Underground 1964

January 1964 Stamford Brook (West London) experimental automatic barriers on London underground - used yellow tickets.

Introduced with agreement with the trade unions

British Rail Uniforms 1964

(Left to Right) Fireman, Guard, Driver