Friday, October 16, 2009

Sarah Dubberley - Uxbridge Labour Mayor 1958

Councillor Mrs Sarah Dubberley
Labour Mayor 1958

Elected Labour Mayor of Uxbridge Tuesday 20th May 1958
(Photo L-R Cllr Ken Marlow, Cllr Sarah Dubberley and Middx County Councillor F.S, Tate - Labour Party Agent)

Sarah Ann Dubberley has the great distinction of being the first elected Labour Uxbridge Mayor in 1958 at the age of 71.

She was first elected to the Uxbridge Board of Guardian's in 1925 and later as a Labour Councilor for Hillingdon West to Uxbridge council in 1929, and in 1946 had been elected Chairman of the Housing Committe.Mrs Dubberley was very heavily involved in other community organisations within Uxbridge.

Mrs S.A. Dubberley worked for the National Savings movement for 40 years, served of Uxbridge United Charities for 36 years, was member of Uxbridge Welfare Council for 2 years and member of Uxbridge Joint Hospital Board for 18 years.

She had in 1956 been appointed to the Advisory Council of the National Assistance Board.

Mrs Dubberley husband Richard Thomas Dubberley was a retired railway worker and an local official of the National Union of Railwaymen (NUR). They had celebrated their golden wedding anniversary in 1956.

They have two daughters Florence who was married and lived in Slough and May who lived with her parents. May was employed in a tailors shop in Uxbridge in Uxbridge High Street.

Mrs Sarah Dubbley and her family lived at 9 Waterloo Road, Uxbridge from about 1918, Mrs Dubberley stated "its our home and I hope to live the rest of my life there"

On the day Councillor Sarah Dubberley was elected Mayor Tuesday 20th May 1958 , she stated " I feel a very proud women tonight to think that I am the first Labour Mayor of Uxbridge, I do sincerely thank you for the honour you have conferred upon me and I shall try to carry out my civic duties with pride as I always have done since I have been on the council".

Her election was greeted with great applause from the councillors and public present.

Cllr S.A.Dubberley appointed Welshman and Blind Union Organiser, Alderman Tom Parker as her Deputy Mayor of Uxbridge.

In the following year Mrs Dubberley was involved in the early Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) march from Uxbridge to Yiewsley in April 1958. CND was launched with a massive public meeting in London in February 1958. Shortly afterwards at Easter the first Aldermaston March was held, which went through Uxbridge and Hayes.

Dickie Bond labelled the Dubberley's as both great assets to the Labour Movement in Uxbridge, he also recalled that their daughter May was still living local in the nineteen eighties, and was a regular contributor to the Miners welfare during the 1984-85 strike.