Friday, October 16, 2009

Hayes UDC Election's 1960

Urban District Council 1960

Edward "Ted" Vance (Labour)
11 Raeburn Road, Hayes
Married with three children and works as a dispatch supervisor locally.
Chairman of the O.P.WC (Old Peoples Welfare ?)
Secretary Hayes C.C (Cricket Club?)
Labour Party Agent
TGWU member 16 years.

William C. Mongor (Labour)
27 York Avenue
Has served on the Hayes UDC since 1940
Chairman of Hayes UDC 1947 - 1948.
Wood Machinist
"Father" of the Council (Longest serving)

Mr H. Matthews (Labour)
23 Coronation Road, Hayes
Member of Hayes UDC for three years
Chairman of Civic catering Committee
Special interest in welfare and youth issues
Member of A.E.U for 32 years

E.C. Perkins (Labour)
116 Shakespeare Avenue,
Hayes UDC member for nine years
Specialist in Staffing issues and local government organisation
Past Labour Party election agent

Other Labour candidates standing in Hayes UDC 1960
Mrs R.E. Beard, Mr Robert Came, H.R. Hann and Simon Geldberg


Peter Pink (Communist)
35 Camden Avenue,
Hayes is 31 and has lived in Hayes since 1932
a member of the Party since 1947. YCL 1945
He is at present Secretary of Hayes Communist Party.
He is Chairman of Hayes branch of the C.A.W.U (Clerical union at EMI)
Worked at EMI.

Joyce Miller (Communist)
Moray Avenue, Hayes
Born in Portsmouth 1920
Joined Portsmouth Labour League of Youth and YCL
Took Civil Service exams
Personal Assistant to Lord Wooton (Food Minsiter) during war
Former member of Highgate (Waterloo Park) Communist Party
lived in the house of the famous Communist conductor Geoffrey Corbett
Arrived in Hayes 1958 with son and daughter
Communist party member twenty years (1939)
February 1950 delegation of women for peace to American Embassy
Active in CND and Aldermaston marches

1958 election turnout 22.8%

W.R.G. Denyer (Labour)
5 Pendell Avenue
Aged 50
Lived in Hayes for 22 years
Staff Clerk at North Thames Gas
Special interest Housing

Ossie Garvin (Labour)
44 Church Road, Hayes
Lived in Hayes for 30 years
Married aged 46
Interested in Athletics

M. Wheeler (Labour)
9 St Dunstan's Close, Hayes
aged 40
born and bred in Hayes
Married with four Children
Building and maintenance surveyor
interested in Youth club activities

Ernest Kirby Harding (Labour
21 Clayton Road, Hayes
Lived in Hayes for 40 years (since 1919)
Editor local newspaper Hayes News
Interested in local government

other Labour candidates
A. Smith, J. Johnson and S.G.Chilton


R.E. Salt (Conservative)
373 Cranford Lane, Hayes
Lived in Hayes 20 years
Bachelor aged 44
Estimator with a large company
Vice chairman of the Conservative Trade Unionist and Chairman of Hayes & Harlington Trades Union Council