Friday, October 16, 2009

Peter Pink - Hayes Communist Party

Peter Pink - Hayes Communist Party

Born 1929 at Stockwell, South London his father was a Policeman (and Peter was born in the Police wing of Putney hospital)

Father posted to Southall in 1932 and the family consequently moved to Hayes, West Middlesex at this time time.

Later Peter lived at 35 Camden Avenue, Hayes, later Ashford Avenue,

Joined the Young Communist League in 1945 and the Communist Party in 1947.

Secretary of Hayes Communist Party, regularly contested election on behalf of Hayes Communist Party.

Peter highlighted the role of leading Hayes Communist, who he held in high esteem, people such as Frank Foster (AEU Fairey Aviation), Bob Good (EMI Covenor, blacklisted from Enfield) and Jack Maling (worked at EMI wrote a regular column for Hayes News, had worked on Forces newspapers in the War)

Peter stated that one of the most successful meetings the Communist party in Hayes organised was that of the Civil Rights leader Sean Morrisey (Chairman of the Turf Lodge Residents Association and education officer of the ATGWU) held in February 1972.
Worked at EMI.

He was Chairman of Hayes branch of the C.A.W.U (Clerical Workers Union at EMI).

Peter's sister was a Labour councillor in Yeading Ward, Hayes

Peter Pink wrote the daily fund raising column in the Morning Star newspaper in the nineteen eighties and nineties.

Moved to 1 Hambledon Close, Hillingdon

On retirement moved to Aylsham, Norfolk