Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hayes Medical Report 1908

Dr Higginson
Hayes -
West Middlesex
Medical Report 1908

Population mid 1908 3,500

103 births were reported during 1908, (birth rate of 29.4) which compared to other districts remains a high birth rate.
36 deaths (10.2 per 1,000).
8 Children died (78.7 per 1,000) one of these were due to premature birth, another suffocation caused by overlying, one death from Tuberculous
November 1908 outbreak of measles at Botwell School.

Sewage and Drainage
over 500 premises have now been connected
There remains a few groups of cottages in outlying portions of the district yet unsewayed, Here the system of disposal of the excrement is by cesspools, privies, pail and earth closets.

Water Supply
Ninety five percent of the houses in the district are now supplied by the mains from Rickmandsworth Water Company. The remainder get their supply from public and private wells.

Slaughter Houses
At present there are four registered in the district, one new one being registered in in Clayton road since my last report
common lodging houses there are still non in the district

Dairies and cowsheds there are now four in the district; Mr Grabham at home farm since my last report having started a dairy, the bulk of the milk from the largest of the dairies is sold outside the district

Bake Houses There are still only four of these in the district, but a new one is now in the course of competition in Clayton Road

At present there are eight factories in the district and an other large one is nearing competition. All of these with the exception of the Beck Flame Lamp Company are situated in Botwell in close proximity to the canal and railway.

(J.A. King & Co "Mack" Fireproof partitions; British Electric Transformer Co 1901; Arthur Lee & Bros Marble 1902, Goss printing works 1904;Valentine Ord
Glucose; British Turpentine Co Ltd 1906; John B Erwall Metal fittings 1906; Gramophone & Typewriter Company 1907 first record printed June 1908; Orchestrelle (Aeolian) Company-Silverdale road 1909 )

The Hayes Steam Laundry Company continues to be the only one in the district.

I believe there would be a demand for cottages at a rental of from 5 shillings to 6 shillings per week if such could be built.

Uxbridge Workhouse
267 inmates
children 28, Children's Home 14, in the Workhouse 30.