Friday, December 28, 2007

Maggie Broughton

Elise "Maggie" Broughton

Born 25th April 1912 at Handcross, Crawley, Sussex. Her father worked at the post office (telephones) and voted Liberal, her mother was a housewife.

Elsie trained as a Registered Nurse and later a Fever Nurse in various London Hospitals, Elsie came to Hayes in 1936.

In 1944 Elsie Joined the Hayes Labour Party, and became Secretary of Belmore Ward and later Constituency Secretary, She was also election agent for at least one Middlesex County Council Elections.

she recalls having to help compile are own Electoral Register in 1945. "many of us toured the streets on Sundays recruiting new labour party members. on one successful day, we made more than thirty new Party members in Ashford and Berwick Avenues". She also recalled the Party organising lots of street corner meetings"

She recalls that the first immigrants to Hayes where "Polish ex servicemen, many with English wives" and attacks by the local Liberals on the new Asian arrivals

Active in Hayes Trades & Southall Council from 1952

1963 - 1964 and Labour councillor on Maggie Broughton was a Labour Councillor on Hayes Urban District Council from Hillingdon Council 1964-1968 (?)
recalled Labour Party activists such as Wilfred Sutcliffe, E.K. Harding, Bill Mongor, Paddy Burke, Bill Lipscombe, Ivor Anthony, Simon Geldberg

Elsie recalled that "The acquisition of the Allied Estate, establishment of meals on wheels in 1948, allotments" were the major achievements of Labour controlled Hayes UDC. "We seemed to be an unusually successful UDC".

also she recalled Labour party or TGWU secretary ? Secretary Dai Jones Coldharbour Lane , Chair:Walter Chubb (Chalfont Road) and recalled Peter Pink, John Mansfield, George Brooks and Frank Foster as "key" local Hayes Communist party members

Regarding the devisions in Hayes Labour Party she stated that " to be honest. I can't remember what principle, was it Clause 4". (ed Think it was EEC. Elsie, rather sadly, followed Neville Sandelson (local Labour MP) into the Social Democratic Party. Elsie had been key in the Hayes Women's Section in securing support for Sandelson having been formerly his voluntary secretary. Having spoken to her in the late 1980's Elsie still recalled fond memories of the Labour Party and its work. with regard to the split "Neville was accused of going back on an undertaking which, it was contended, he had promisedwithdrawl). Unfortunately Neville could not resists countering insults with more insults"

She considered Walter Ayles MP "Not very approachable", Arthur Skeffington MP "Extremely hard working, never walked anywhere...always ran" and Neville Sandelson "Knowledgeable and friendly".

Involved in the Hayes Women's Co-operative Guild and also its Secretary for a number of years.

Active in the Hayes & Harlington Old Peeoplse Welfare Committee for 40 years, being secretary for most, organising Christmas parcels (3,000), outings and redistribution of ECC butter.

Elsie lived at 37,
Warley Road, Hayes, later 47 Gledwood Gardens, hayes

Awarded MBE in 1990

Died, Hilligdon 21st March 1997 aged 84