Saturday, December 01, 2007

Hayes & District Trades Union Council (1940)

Meet at The Crown Hotel, Uxbridge Road, Hayes

need to establish a National Workers War vigilance committee

Chairman Mr A.J. Thomas AEU
Vice Chair Mr Cyril "Dickie" Bond ETU
Secretary Mr J. Golding ETU
Treasurer Mr Slade NUR

Extra Executive members
Mr Powell AE and SD
Mr Wiliam "Bill" .G Mongor ASWM

Mr Jacques AEU informed the meeting that a national shop stewards meeting for enginnering and aircraft trades was being held April 6th and 7th April 1940

Allegations of racketeering in hayes and coal dilivery muddle. it was stated that coal was being sold at 4s per cwt on one Hayes estate

Trades Council meets first Tuesday of the month at the Crown Hotel, Hayes

March 15th 1940