Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Labours First Chairman

Middlesex County Council (MCC)

County Alderman Bernard Harry Rockman of Ealing was elected by 46 votes to 43 (Mrs Baker) as the first Labour Chairman of Middlesex County Council in 1946

At the April 1st, 1946 Middlesex County Council elections Labour had secured its first majority, securing a majority by five seats

Mr Bernard Harry Rockman is 52, and was educated at Westbourne Park School. He was active in the Labour since the First World War

He served in the Territorial Army from 1911-1916, when he was released from service to assist in Aircraft production.

Member of National Amalgamated Furnishing Trades Association (union)

Secretary of the national and London Joint Industrial Council

Rockman had been first elected to Middlesex County Council in 1934 and had previously been Deputy Leader of the Labour Group. He as also a Justice of the Peace.

During World War 11 he was Chief Warden for Ealing Council Civil Defence Service


Mr F.W. Carter

Lives at Hillingdon and is Secretary of Uxbridge Labour Party

12 years Alderman on Acton Borough Council

Elected to Middlesex County Council for two periods

"being in fact one of the first four Labour councillors elected to that (Middlesex County Council) body"

He moved to Uxbridge circa 1934

He stood as the Labour candidate for Middlesex County Council (Uxbridge West) in 1946 failed but was elected as an Alderman.

Mrs Beatrix A. Beaumont (first women councillor in Yiewsley 15 years previously and appointed JP in 1944) was made also made a Middlesex County Council Alderman as was R.W Gunton of Hayes


Tom Parker was a candidate for Uxbridge at the 1946 Middlesex County Council