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First Labour majority on Uxbridge UDC April 1946

Labour candidates

Hillingdon East
Mrs Webb
J. Reynolds
G.L. Richards
W.C. Kuhlman

F.C. W. Glitz (Communist)(Not Elected) 465 votes
Cyril Bond (Communist) (Not Elected) 437 votes

Hillingdon West
Mrs S.H. Dubberley
P.E. Bates
W.H. Baker (Not Elected)
H.J. Bailey (Not Elected)
Mrs Bond (Not Elected)
C.J. Gadsden (Not Elected)

Hillingdon Central
F. W. Cater
A.H. Lethbridge
J. Osgood
H.M. Ross
W.G. Willis
Lou Sherman

Uxbridge Central

W. B Hill (Not Elected)
J. Simmonds (Not Elected)

Mrs A.L. Speechley (Not Elected)
G.A. Ward (Not Elected)

S.B. Watson
N.J. Young

A.W. Draper (Not Elected)
C.Penn (Not Elected)


Uxbridge Council Result Labour 14 others 12

Labour Councillor Mrs S.H. Dubberley elected Chairman of Uxbridge Housing Committee (pic October1946) Mrs Dubberley's husband was leader of the National Union of railwaymen locally from the 1920's. Both Mr & Mrs Dubberley were highly rated by Dickie Bond.

Council Chairman Mr L.J. Reynolds

Mr W.G Pomeroy (War time Chairman of the Council) elected top of the poll Hillingdon West

Flight Luitentatnt Frank Beswick was also elcected as Uxbridge first Labour Member of Parliament in 1945 with a 1.084 majority

mr F. W Carter was Uxbridge Divisional Secretary of the Labour Party, Councillor G. Richards Chairman and Mr Robert Goodman Uxbridge Labour Sectretary

Labour majorities recorded at 1946 elections at

Middlesex County Council
Hayes & Harlington UDC
Yiewsley & West Drayton


Labour gains at Ruislip- Northwood UDC (Ind 19 Labour 5) (winning 3 in South Ruislip)
Chairman Ruislip Labour Party Mr C.M. Lewis

At Denham, Buckinghamshire, The Labour Party made its first challenge and four of its seven candidates were elected on to Denham council in 1946