Saturday, December 01, 2007

Hayes & Harlington Labour Party Officers 1973

Councillor Ted Harris succeeds party vetran Bert Hann as Hayes & Harlington President.

Mr Harris sees his job as to forge closer ties with the trade union movement particularly in this year of the Greater London council elections.

The GLC candidate for Hayes is Councillor Peter Russell the vice chairman of Hillingdon Council Education Committee.

Ernie Wiltshire and Mrs O. Garvin (wife of former Hillingdon Mayor Ossie Garvin) were both elected as Vice Presidents.

Dudley Targett remains as Constituency Secretary and Stanley Chilton as Party Treasurer

Mick Martin is election agent

Councillor Robert John Came, Labour Mayor of Hillingdon, reported on his visit the three towns the London Borough of Hillingdon are "twinned with"
Mantes la Jolie in France
Shleswig and Emden in Germany

The links with Scleswig seem to have lasted longer with links with the SPD (Socialist) being maintained.