Thursday, January 03, 2008

Acton Communist Party

Acton Communist Party Established 1920

In June 1920 J.E. Scott announced the formation of the Acton Communist Party by discontented members of the Acton and Chiswick branch of the Herald League.

The parliamentary constraints of the old parties and organisations were now hampering revolutionary propaganda, as Scott notes: "We have stood always for the Revolution and the extreme propaganda but could not carry on whilst affiliated to the National Labour Party through no fault of our own" (
The Spur, July 1920).

Another Scott prominent in the Communist party was J.R. "Joe" Scott, Amalgamated Engineering Union (AEU) , London organiser and Executive member of the AEU from 1942 as well as Communist Party Central Committee member from 1929 into the 1950's.

He was working at De Havillands, North London in 1926 and successfully induced the workers there to walk out before the Engineers were officially called out in the second week.

He was also a leader of the Metal Workers minority Movement

Acton Amalgamated Society of Engineers (ASE but later AEU) was established in 1914 with Mr G. Lees as Secretary of the Acton branch.

Mr A. Swales was AEU District Organiser for Acton in 1917
Mr A.G. Krull was Acton AEU Chairman in 1917

In March 1919 3,000 on strike in Acton at Engineering works primarily Napiers (and Rotax Motor Accessories) also Engineering factories at Kingston

large crowds gathered in Acton Vale and Warley Way.

Communists had a banner "The dawn is breaking" present

injunctions awarded against Acton and Kingston branches of the AEU secured in February did perturb the union.

Electricians on strike in Feb 1919 at Berwick's, napier's. W & G's, C.A.V, and Wilkinsons in Acton

"Napiers was the centre of the storm The "Shop" is known to contain some keen Socialist agitators" according to local Acton Gazette & Express Friday February 14th,1919

December 1922 West London branches of the Workers Union held a meeting in Acton Miss K. M ??? Women's Organiser and delegate to the Washington Peace conference was chief speaker with Mr C. Duncan MP

Mr F.W Carter District Organiser of the Hammersmith Workers Union (Local Acton Labour Party President from its inception in 1918) who stated the Workers Union now has three branches in Acton, and one each at Chiswick and Ealing

(Hayes HMV (EMI) being the other large Workers Union branch in West London)