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Uxbridge History

Leno's History of Uxbridge

In 1870, Matthew Leno had a shoe and clothing shop in the place now occupied by Mr Butler, opposite the market house, Uxbridge and he published a sixpenny pamphlet, entitled "The history of Uxbridge", in a condensed and popular form from the earliest times to the present; by John Bedford Leno author of "Drury lane Lyrics"The Autobiography of a Shilling "etc ,

The main portion of the earlier history was doubtless compiled from the more complete work of George Redford and Thomas Hurry Riches, but quite a lot of new and later details were included, some of these being quaint and little known to the present generation. For instance, he tells us that "The chief business thoroughfares are London Street, high Street, Windsor Street (formerly called the lynch) and Vine Street (formerly Blind Lane or Woolwind Lane). also that the town was divided into two wards under the local Board of health, the old township being known as the "Inward" and the part lying without as the "outward".

28 September 1917 The Advertiser & Gazette

St Margaret National School erected in 1864
A School of industry for girls erected 1816 (George's Fields)
The British School for Boys (Cowley Road)
The Public Rooms (or Town hall) erected 1836 (London Street)
Belmont Hall erected 1866
The Uxbridge Old bank established 1806

A Petty Session has been held for over 150 years prior to 1917, held every Monday at the uxbridge Town Hall

Theatre buit 1869

The Grand Junction Canal was opened at Uxbridge in 1805

The Uxbridge (Vine Street) Station of the Great Western Railway 8 th September 1856

Uxbridge Fair Days

25th March
31st July
29th September
11th October

Uxbridge Wool Fair 1st August

Sheep worrying at Southall
In late 1917 at Uxbridge County Court William Goddard of Waxlow Manor farm, Southall sued William Morgan of the "Hare & Hounds" Northolt for £37, 8 s, 9d being damages for injury to twelve in lamb ewes by the defendants Airedale terrier dogs at Waxlow Manor Farm, Southall on the morning of 29th December 1916

The defendant William Morgan was now serving with Royal Marines at Chatham

The case continued


Mr W. M Cheney retired from service as a signalman for the Great western railway after thirty eight years service. twenty three at Slough GWR station then later at west Drayton and maidenhead. Retired September 1917


The Rev Henry R Rutherford who is coming from Slaithwaite, Huddersfield, Yorkshire to take up the pastorate of Hayes Salem Baptist Church September 1917, H
ayes. Rev Henry Rutherford is a native of Ulster, but as his name indicates his ancestory comes from Scotland.

Rev Rutherford was in business for several years before taking up religious work aged 21 at Chadderton, Oldham, at one point he worked at the baptist Chapel in Athlone, Ireland and later
(in July 1912) to Slaithwaite.

Uxbridge Branch of the National Union of Railwaymen (NUR) established 1913.
W. Tulett Chairman since 1913.

By July 1917 it had been reported that the National Union of Railwaymen (NUR) has had 2,785 members killed in the War to date.

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