Friday, October 29, 2010

Margaret McMillan - War on Capitalism & Competition

Margaret McMillan

"The Independent Labour Party was
not formed to champion women.

It was born to make War on capitalism and competition"

Margaret McMillan Park (New Cross, Lewisham, London) opened in 1954 and was originally laid out between Watson's Street and Glenville Grove with a series of lawns along Douglas Way where properties had been bombed. The engineering works of Clarke, Burnett & Co, employing 100 men, had been sited on the east side of Glenville Grove.

The McMillan sisters Margaret and Rachel, born to a Scottish family, did much for the health and education of Deptford people. They established night camps, the girls’ at 353 Evelyn Street and the boys’ at 24 Albury Street providing washing facilities and clean clothes. The boys also slept outdoors among the graves of St Nicholas Churchyard! The sisters believed that early years' education could counter some of the effects of poverty and established a nursery school which remains.

Quote from page 131 The life of Rachel McMillan by Margaret McMillan.

Margaret McMillan: Pioneer of nursery schools, school meals, school nurses, Clarion cinderella clubs, teacher training.

Margaret McMillan - active in Glasgow, Bradford, Bromley By Bow, East London, Deptford, South London.