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Our History - Notes from the ILP 1925


Consultation Committee:
Clifford Allen, Roden Buxton, James Maxton MP, R.C. Wallhead MP, Ben Reiley MP, Walter A Ayles, F. W. Jowett, Dorothy Jewson and the secretaries.

New Leader Board
Clifford Allen, Roden Buxton, Ben Riley MP, Walter Ayles, E.E. Hunter, E Sandham, H. N. Brailsford. A. Fenner Brockway and Francis Johnson (Secretary).

Information Committee (NAC Representatives)
Clifford Allen, R.C. Wallhead MP, Fred Longden, P.F. Pollard, R.L. Reiss

Publication Department
Clifford Allen, Roden Buxton, Walter Ayles, E.E. Hunter, E. Sandham, John Scurr, A Fenner Brockway, and Francis Johnson (secretary)

Office Committee
Clifford Allen, Roden Buxton, F. W. Jowett, R.C. Wallhead MP, E. Sandham, and secretaries.

Organising Consultants
Clifford Allen, roden Buxton, Margaret Bondfield, E.E. Hunter, and the Consultants

National Labour Press and Blackfriars Press
Clifford Allen, Roden Buxton, F.W. Jowett, Ben Riley, G. Benson, H. Peach, Harrison Barrow.

Finanace Inquiry
Clifford Allen, F W Pethwick Lawerence MP, E.F. Wise, H. Dalton MP, Clem Attlee MP, Dr Alfred Salter MP, J. Maxton MP, R.C. Wallhead MP, W.T. Symons , Campbell Stephen MP, E.E. Hunter (Secretary) with Fred Tait and P.J. Dollan as corresponding members.

according to the New leader 24th April 1925, One of the features of the ILP life during the past year has been the increased activity of women members

Delegation to the National Labour Party Women's Conference in Birmingham 192

ILP delegetes elected by divisional councils

Yorkshire: Mrs Wallhead Nichol and Miss M. Semple
Midlands: Mrs Borrett and Mrs Perriman
East anglia: Dr Violet Jewson and Mrs Godfrey
London & South: Mrs P. Cusden and Mrs Hookey
Wales: Mrs Moore
Lancashire: Mrs . Moore and Miss May Sandham

National Council also elected
Mrs E. M Lowe
Mrs Bruce Glasier
Miss Minnie Pallister
Miss Dorothy Jewson
Mrs Barton
Mrs Dollan
Mrs Neil Maclean
Mrs Johnson

Women's Advisory Committee
Margaret Bondfield, Dorothy Jewson, Mrs E. M. Lowe, Mrs Bruce Glasier, Minnie Pallister, Mrs Agnes Dollan, Dr Violet Jewson, Mrs E Barton, Mrs Johnson, Mrs Salter, Mrs Shimmin and Mrs Porteous.
ILP NOTES October 1925

It was reported that the ILP now had 158 ILP Guild of Youth branches in 1925
(The ILP Guild of Youth had been established in 1924 by 1925 estimated 5,000 members)

Guild News October 1925

Perth ILP Guild of Youth established October 1925. Secretary Andrew Bell, 59 Scott Street, Perth

Swadlincote ILP Guild of Youth weekend school at Matlock next Whitsun in conjunction with Belper and Burton on Trent and Derby Guild of Youth. Speaker Miles Mallenson lecture on "Socialism and Art". Secretary H. Nutt 79 Lower midway nr Burton on trent

Gloucester ILP Guild of Youth have formed an Arts Guild, also ramble and cycle rides every sunday see Mary Stoddart 18 All Saints Road, Gloucester

Bristol Fred Berriman is giving his monthly lecture on "Industrial history". Efforts are being made to get "The Flame" into public libraries. secretary W.E. Brown 12 Greville Street, Southville, Bristol.

Portsmouth ILP League of Youth stands at sixty to seventy. Arrangements have been made for the Flame to be placed in local libraries. The Dramatic Class is working hard to produce "Miles Malleson's Young Heaven at a "Kier Hardie" concert to be held in November. the Literary and Debating Class opened with a debate on "Communism". Secretary T.J. Farnes 16 Woodland Street, Kingston, Portsmouth.

London Central ILP has decided to create a Socialist Forum for the purposes of bringing together active workers in London for weekly discussion of important problems of socialist thought and policy. Meeting at Emerson Club 14 Great George street Secretary F.G. Stone 12 Colville gardens W11

Gillingham ILP
Richard Rees the famous baronet and son of former Midlands Tory anti- socialist MP (Nottingham east 1912-1922) has been selected as ILP candidate for Gillingham

Update:- Sir Richard Rees He worked for the WEA and later drove a ambulance in Catalonia, Spain

Windermere Labour Party Victory 1925
It was reported that incredibly a Labour candidate had been elected to the local council at Windermere by a majority of one and that Reg Burnett (ILP candidate for Westmorland) was very pleased (This probably represented Labour's first victory in Windermere, Cumberland) . "his enterprise and thoroughness are illustrated by the manner he spent his holiday in August. he tramped from village to village, called at every cottage, and held meetings at night - often acting as his own chairman. at the end of the meeting he asked for someone in the audiance to offer him hospitality for the night - and he always got it!" 23 October 1925

Reginald Burnett (ILP) is making a reputation in the North. He has a fine personality. He was the candidate in Westmorland at the last election. and is prospective candidate again.

Devon ILP Federation
Summer propaganda programme commenced in May with a weeks tour by Minnie Pallister and ended i September with a series of meetings addressed by Fred Brenan

Gateshead ILP
Gateshead Clarion Choir at Coxlodge, Gosforth & Dist ILP speaker H W MacIntyre

Loughton ILP (Essex)
Speaker Seymour Cocks. during the summer months this small village branch has co-operated with the Federation in outdoor propaganda. Secretary Norman Henderson, Nimrod, Station Road, Loughton, Essex.

Southall ILP Choir
Advert in the ILP New Leader 23 October 1925 Southal ILP is very anxious to form a choir, but has nobody to take on the duties of conductor please contact J.M. Cooper 14, Great George Street, Westminster

Independent Labour Party - The Flame
The Flame was the journal of the Independent Labour Party, Guild of Youth (ILP)

Margaret McMillan noted
"The Independent Labour Party was not formed to champion women.It was born to make War on capitalism and competition"

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