Thursday, October 28, 2010

Early Socialist Film - The Loves of Jeanne Ney

e Loves of Jeanne Ney

The first definitely pro-communist film to be shown in England was
"The Loves of Jeanne Ney" .

The New Leader reported that the film apart from being the first pro-communist film to be shown in England, was illustrated by vivid pictures of the early stages of the November revolution in Russia centering around the figure of a lieutenant in the red Army.

The second part of the film is in Paris, and there the producer loses something of his skills, the theme weakens and a melodramatic atmosphere creeps in.... but the Communist hero retains his faith to the last scene.

Independemt Labour party Journal
ILP - New Leader 4 May 1928


Another great film being shown (with no story and no captions).

The idea is to give the Rhythm of a Great City by showing contrasting phases of life in different classes throughout twenty four hours.

"It is a very great achievemnet and well worth the study of the Socialist propagandist".

ILP New Leader 4th May 1928