Wednesday, September 26, 2007


The factory I work in North-West London recently won the Production Banner awarded
by the National Council of Shop Stewards, How did we do it ? Well, it wasn't easy, as

I'll explain. We started off with one main-idea in our minds—Team Work. Our Production Committee popularised this slogan so that the whole factory cottoned on to the idea, and everyone saw that they had a part to play.

Our factory consists of 50 bays, each of which has a Production Representative. The main job of these Production Representatives is to bring bottle-necks to the notice of the Central Production Representative, who immediately investigates the cause. of the hold-up and contacts the Manaerement.

The cause of the hold-up and contacts the Management. The workers in our factory are so keen on going all out to destroy the Nazis that' they won't stand for any shilly-shallying by the Management—or for any slackness in our own ranks.

The key to our success ? Well, first I would say team work. It's because we all stick together for the job in hand that we are able to tackle all the obstacles that crop up in the course of our work. And Second, it's because we all hate' Fascism so much that we won't let anything stand in our way in turning out the equipment for our lads in the Forces.—

(Woman Worker in the Tool-room).

Workers Pictorial (London Edition) circa 1943
issued by the CPGB printed Harrison & Sons Ltd,Hayes