Sunday, September 02, 2007

Peter Francis Fagan
Labour Parliament arty Candidate 11th June 1987

107 Lansbury Lane, Hayes

Born Dublin
Educated by the Brothers at Catholic school Shopkeeper

Lived above his hardware shop at 107 Lansbury Drive, Hayes
TGWU member elected to Hillingdon Council in 1973 as a Labour Councillor

Superb Labour Group Leader Labour candidate for Hayes & Harlington
Retired to South West England to run a Garden Centre circa 1988
died soon after

well known for his Irish quick whit and ability to make people valued
you either loved him or hated him

his famous catch phrase being

(pointing to head) This is for thinking with,(pointing to his feet) these are for dancing with

and usually attacking a fellow Irish but Liberal councillor "you culchie, red neck "


Proposer: Brian Neighbour

Seconder: Michael Walker

David Kerry

Graham Tomlin

Michael Craxton

Jeffrey Gray
Hubert "Charlie" Key

Graham "Chris" Rogers

Christopher Malkin

Election headquarters, APEX union office, Clayton Road

(Photo) Dickie Bond ?, Peter Fagan, John McDonnell