Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Eddie Lopez

Eddie Lopez was a Labour Party organiser in Slough and Reading.

He contested the Slough constituency from 1987 and 1992 (losing by just over 500 votes in 1992)

The former Eaton & Slough seat had been held by Labour by Benn Levy (1945-1950), Fenner Brockway (1950-1964) and Joan Lestor's 1966-1983

Vice Chair of Cooperative Wholesale Society (CWS) Surrey & Berkshire

Lopez was a very popular and energetic candidate, he even had a record recorded about him by a local band

For those of us outside Slough, we never understood why he was manoeuvred out of being the Member of Parliament for Slough.


Eddie Lopez actually came very close to winning Slough in 1992. He lost by 514 votes, but a rogue candidate called Alford who also termed himself, The Labour Candidate stood (election law has changed now to prevent this sort of thing) and, because he was top of the ballot paper, took 699 votes. He celebrated on election night with the winning Tories.

“Eddie Lopez Lives in Slough” by Nine Steps to Ugly, was the name of the record and reinforced the fact that Eddie lived in Slough unlike the ex Hillingdon Tory councillor John Watts.

Eddie Lopez had been instrumental in the establishment of a recording studio under the Slough Labour Rooms

Joan Lestor also a very popular, hard working MP, went on to be MP for Eccles