Thursday, October 29, 2015

Socialist League Branches and Meetings April 1892

The Socialist League, was an offshoot from the more famous Social Democratic Federation (Britain's first socialist party).

The break from the Social Democratic Federation occurred in in 1884 by those opposed to the SDF leadership of the maverick socialist Henry Hyndman.

Those that split from the SDF to join the Socialist League included high profile socialists such as William Morris, Eleanor Marx, Ernest Belfont Bax, Sam Mainwaring, Edward Averling, Edward Carpenter and the artist Walter Crane.

The Socialist League established a monthly (soon weekly) journal entitled Commonweal in Feburaty 1885 with William Morris as editor.

However, by 1887 the Socialist League had taken a turn towards Anarchism and by 1889 the organisation had been captured by Anarchists as a result William Morris resigned as Editor of Commonweal in 1890 to be replaced by David Nicholl.

After the jailing of the editor of Commonweal, David Nicholl for his reporting of the Walsall Anarchist Plot and the role of police agent provocateurs in January 1892 the paper changed its name to the Anarchist.

The socialist League was finally dissolved in 1901