Thursday, October 29, 2015

International Brigaders Pledge to Fight Nazi Germany August 1939

Brigaders will fight fascism

The men of the International Brigade, Britons who fought for peace and democracy in Spain, applied himself to continue the struggle against fascist aggression. A statement issued 3rd September 1939 on behalf the International Brigade Association and signed by Sam Wild (chairman), Malcolm Dunbar (vice chairman) Allan Gilchrist, James Ruskin, William Rowe, say

We pledge ourselves to continue our struggle against fascist aggression where ever it may appear, and offer our services to the forces of this country in the fight, at the same time upholding every principle of freedom and democracy in Britain.

As a number of our members have some difficulty in enlisting in the Armed Forces, we wish to make it quite clear that military experience which we have gained on active service in Spain is always at the disposal of any organised resistance to fascism"

Daily Worker 4 September 1939