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CPGB Speakers - Meetings - Meeting places September 1939

Communist Party of Great Britain speakers, meetings and meeting places for September 1939 (soon after the beginning of WW2) published in the Daily Worker

Weekend 30th September 1939 and Sunday 31st September 1939

This repoert not only provides a list offer us the names of key Communist Party speakers in the late 30's, but also a list of areas active as well as pointing to where open-air or venues used for political public meetings were generally held.

West Middlesex meetings


Acton 5pm - Bill Alexander at the Mount, Acton
Ealing 5pm - A. Grandjean - Greenford
Harrow 5pm - M. Robertson - Peel Road, Harrow
Hayes 5pm - Frank McGee - GPO Post Office, Hayes
Hounslow 5pm - Treaty Road, Hounslow
Southall 5pm - G. Thompson - Haddrells Corner, Southall
Wembley 4pm - Evan Ellis London Road, Wembley High Road, Wembley
Willesden   - H. Colbran


Ealing 5pm - R. Dawson - Ealing Common
Hammersmith 11:30am - E. Brown Ravenscourt Park, Hammersmith
Willesden 11am Frank Lowe Letchmere Road, Willesden

Communist Party speakers at meetings 30/31 September 1939

Speakers London Area
W "Bill" Alexander
W. Brown
A. Winnington
A. Grandjean
P. Devine
K. Coleman
S. Fink
Vic Epstein
M. Robertson
Frank. McGee
Gordon Cruikshank
W. Norris
S. Shipper
T. Bradley
G. Thompson
V. Reid
Norman Kennedy
V. Levitt
Evan Ellis
H. Colbran
Wally Brown
Bill Rust
Pat Devine
R Dawson
D.F. Spinghall
W. Keable
R Graves
E. Brown
D. Michaelson
Marion Robertson
Vera Reid
Frank McGee
R. Curvin
W. Rowe
M. Jordan
C. Branson
J. Mahon
Evan Ellis
Ted Bramley
Phil Piratin
Kitty Coleman
Pat Dooley
Stan Henderson
Stan Forsey
Wheeler Butters
Frank Lowe
Don Renton
Stan Plumridge
V. Levitt

Speakers Provinces
T. Mitchell (Letchworth)
Belsey Goss (Mottingham)
Peggy Stanton (Aylesbury)
George James (Cardiff)
E. Gower (Gorton)
A. Rubin (Leeds)
M. Kline (Leeds)
N. Ellis (Leeds)
E. Cusack (Leeds)
I. Landy (Leeds)
D. Gillies (Letchworth)
Pat Sloan (Newcastle)
B. Edwards (Oxford)
Abe Lazurus (Oxford)
T.H. Hames (Rotherham)
H. Lee (Stockton on Tees)

Speakers Scotland
McLeod Davis (Bridgeton Glasgow)
Willie Gallacher (Glasgow)
J. Gerrard (Gorbals)
F. Hill (Govan Hill)
J. Quinn ( Maryhill)
H. Fraser (Shettleston)
A. Ferguson (Springburn)