Sunday, July 01, 2007

SWP Uxbridge 1989

This month marks the tenth anniversary of Margaret Thatcher's premiership.Predictably the Tory media is sycophantically lauding the eventydespite the sickening record of Thatcher's period in office.

The savage pursuit of profits by the Tories has ment the establishment of permanent levels of mass unemployment has seen Budget after Budget shift the burden of taxation onto the poor in favour of the weal thy,and has led to bloodshed in the Falklands and on the picket lines of the miners and printers.

And Thatcher has even more misery in store for the working-class through her repeated attacks on the N.U.S., Education and through her 'flagship', that zenith of Tory rapacity,the Poll Tax.
Yet whilst the uedia continually perpetuate the idea that Thatcher's decade in power has effected a fundamental and irreversable change in British society,this is far from the truth of the matter. Dave Hayes assesses Thatcher and her period in off ice.

What have been her objectives in office and has she achieved them?More to the point,is she indestructable or can the Tories be beaten?

Speaker Dave Hayes
at Herschel hall, Slough 8pm 17th May 1989

Slough Socialist Workers Party (SWP) meets weekly atthe AUEW, Bath Road, Wednesdays at 8pm except for every 3rd Wednesday in the month

Uxbridge SWP meet infrequently at Uxbridge Friends meeting House, but never secured a significant following, unlike Militant