Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Labour Party Candidates
Uxbridge Urban District Council 1960

Leader Alderman: Tom Parker

Hillingdon North
Frank Sutcliffe, 153 Lynhurst Cres, Buyer for BEA, Secretary Uxbridge Trades Council

Hillingdon East
Ron Bossonn, 69 the Dingle, TGWU member, married 3 children

Pete Harwood, 82a Pield Heath Lane, aged 22 , married, Asst Chemist Sec of Young Socialists, prominent in Uxbridge CND

John Collett, 81 Worcester Road, ex Royal Navy, service in WW2 and Korea, married 4 children

Uxbridge South
Emil Conrad, 9 Glebe Avenue, fought several council elections

Harry Woodhams, 2 Northwood Road, Harefield, leading councillor, ex Chairman of the Council, ex Chair of Housing

W. Oeter, 78 Burnham Ave, lived in district for 21 years, attended Breakspear and Haberdashers School, Nottingham University, Teacher LCC secondry modern school

Uxbridge North
T. Wright, 205 Lynhurst Cres, active TU since 1937, served in NFS and Royal Navy during war, and lived in district five years, married, one son

Hillingdon Central
D.J. Lugwell, 49 Oakdene Rd, lived in district for 23 years, works for GPO,keen sportsman, married one daughter