Monday, February 26, 2007

Councilor Sarah Leach - Hayes

Mrs Sarah Elizabeth Leach

Mrs Sarah Elizabeth Leach came to Hayes in 1913

Chairman of Hayes Women's Section for several years

She represented Hayes on Uxbridge Board of Guardians

Was chairman of Botwell Infant Welfare Committee from it's inception

A Sunday School teacher in her early years

Long time President of Botwell Sisterhood and West Middlesex Brotherhood Federation

Moved to 7 Eastcote Lane, Northolt in 1933

"Her sympathetic character endeared her to all among whom she worked

died March 1939 aged 58
Funeral at Northolt Parish Church


must be related to Robert John Leach (Engineer)
1 Clare Villas, Clarendon Rd, Hayes Urban District Council Chairman 1922-1923