Thursday, February 08, 2007

Yiewsley & West Drayton Welsh Choir

Little has been written about the waves of Welsh immigrants to West London, However one can see just from the names of local activities in various groups that the Welsh played a key role in the development of West London and also within the Labour and Trade Union Movement.

Fo many from South wales Hayes and southall was the first London stop on the train, offering jobs all to scarce in their native South Wales.

The Yiewsley & West Drayton Welsh Choir was established by Mr S. catley and made their first public appearance at the Central hall, Yiewsley in April 1936.

Its 26 members being supported by Madame Yones (soprano) of Ealing and Mr T. Rees (baritone) of Iver and Mr T. Weeks (tenor) of Colham green.

Their first song was "Crusader"

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