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Hayes Labour Fete 1936

Hayes Labour Fete 1936
August 1936

Held at Wood Green Recreation Ground, Hayes,

In addition to the fair which had been engaged there was a large number of stalls and side shows to amuse and intrest visitors

Skittles by Southall ASLEF (Train Drivers Union)
Hoopla by Southall Co-Operative Political committee
Coconuts by Ruislip Labour Party
Football by Southall Youth Movement
Around Uxbridge by Mr & Mrs Bancroft
Sweets & Minerals by Southall Womens Labour Party section
Stake you claim by Southall youth Movement
Touch em by Souhall Labour Party
Refreshments by Hayes Labour Party womens section

In Charge of sports were Mrs Anna B. Greenhead, Mr Grentham, Mr A.F. Scott, Dr Douglas Page,, Mr Ernest Bartlett Hamblin and Mr A. Roberts

Sports Results

Flat Races
Girls 11-14 1st B Green 2nd M Parfitt 3rd Bowman
Boys 11-14 D. Bevan W.Poole F. Talbort
Girls 7-11 J.Parfitt H.Parfitt P.Morris
Boys 7-11 C. Page W.Evans F.Cann
Open 5-7 F.Ellis I.Barber E.Bonner
Toddlers J.Foster I.Bonner B.Raisey
Dolls Pram P'de D.Luty B.Day
Slow Bicycle R.Lowe
Slow Bicycle all L.Hunt A.Cook
Egg & spoon Mrs joy M.Parfitt M.Smith
3 Legged Evans & Foreman
ankle Mrs Simpson I Thomas

Fancy dress 1- P. Morris (little dutch Girl) 2-D.Luty (Dresden China) 3-B. Day (little dutch boy) 4-P.Evan (Pearly king)

Those chiefly responsible for the organisation of the fete were: Mr F Gardner (Secretary) Mrs Anna Greenhead, Mr A. Dane, Mr H.Harris and Mr Douglas Page .

The fete brought to a conclusion with fireworks