Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Hillingdon COHSE Branch 1947

Through the courtesy of the Steward, Mr. C. Abel, the Canteen Hall at Hillingdon County Hospital was made available on Monday, May 12th 1947, for the first C.O.H.S.E. meeting of nurses to be held within the hospital.
Miss Doris E. Westmacott, S.R.N., S.C.M., National-Woman , Officer, addressed the meeting over which Mr. Wooley, Branch , Committee member, presided in the absence of the Chairman and Vice-Chairman.

There was a good attendance and the keenness with which those present followed the speaker's able and lucid address was very encouraging.
Questions were plentiful arid pointed, and werff ably dealt with. They related chiefly to Rushcliffe recommendations and the new Health Service.

Miss Westmacott also dealt briefly, but objectively, with the function of Trade Unions and tlie part that nurses and all Health Workers can play in C.O.H.S.E;, and the Trade Union Movement through affiliation to the Trades Union Congress.

At the clsoe of the meeting Mr Wooley thanked the speaker, and in reply Miss Doris Westmacott said when she returned in three months she expected an increase in nurse membership, based upon each exsisting nurse member obtaining just over two new members per month.

The Hillingdon County Hospital Nurses are on the job Good Luck to them !

COHSE Journal July 1947