Monday, March 19, 2007

Hayes & Harlington Urban District Council Labour Council Candidates
Election Day Saturday 22 March 1930

East Ward
Frederick John Harcourt

West Ward
Patrick Egan, Farm Manager/bailiff, 10 Seventh Avenue
Ida Stone Gray, Married Women, 16 Mount Road

South Ward
Charles Henry Glenister, Railway Supervisor, 7 Halsway (Elected)
Anna Brigitta Greenhead ,Married Women, 7 Second Avenue (Elected)

George Alexander Castleman, Taxi driver, Sharrow, Redmead Road
Henry Edwin Hathorn, Railway Servant, 66 Pinkwell Avenue
James Albert Taylor, Carpenter, 9 Clements Gardens
Walter Sidney Wanstall, Motor driver, 15 Redmead Road


The new enlarged council now has 20 seats 9 Labour 9 Resident Association and 1 independent Mr F.W. Cox (Cranford ward) and 1 "Genuine Labour"

Joseph Hook, Engine Driver of 37 Longmead Road was elected in East Ward as a "Genuine Labour and Tenants candidate"

Patrick "Pat" Egan Secretary of Hayes Independent Labour party (ILP)
Fred Harcourt was also an active ILP member at Yeading

Mr C. H Kelf was also a key member of the Hayes Labour Party

Charles "Charlie" Viveash, Landlord, Victoria Inn at Harlington also candidate for Residents association - road named after him, many Labour councillors attended his funeral