Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Daily Herald 1930 Relaunch - Labour Women

Susan Lawerence MP
Ellen Wilkinson MP
Marion Philips MP
Cynthia Mosley MP
Margaret Bondfield MP
Ethel Bentham MP
Jenny Lee MP
Mary Hamilton MP
E Picton Turbervill MP

Julia Varley (Nat Fed Women Workers)
Barbara Ayrton Gould (Suffragette & later Labour MP for Hendon)
Miss Anne Loughlin (Nat Union of Tailors & Garment Workers)
J. L. Adamson ?

This statement and pictures relate to the relaunch of the Daily Herald on 17th March 1930.

As part of the relaunch the TUC agreed to hand over 51% of shares to Odhams, but kept the remaining 49%

The  relaunch was a huge success as it built on the Labour Party supporters network "Daily Herald Helpers" who encouraged working people to buy the paper, which continued to push a primarily Labour party line. By 1933 the Daily Herald became the world's best-selling daily newspaper, with certified net sales of 2 million.