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The Uxbridge Spirit of Freedom and Working Men's Vindicator

The Uxbridge Spirit of Freedom and Working Men's Vindicator

Gerald Massey and John Bedford Leno
Edition 1 April 1849
Review Chartist newspaper – The Northern Star 4th April 1849
Uxbridge Spirit of Freedom
Conducted Men No. 1. April
Published by J.Redrup. Uxbridge. Middlesex. London :
J. Watson Queen’s Head-passage, Paternoster Row.

A NEW monthly publication, of thoroughly democratic character conducted by Working Men. We Shall let our friends speak for themselves ;—
We shall be accused of class-feeling and party spirit; Well be it so. We would fain clasp the whole world in the arms of love; but ye will not ye who spit upon us and flout us with being the “swinish multitude” What can be the nature of that union where the subjection of the one party is maintained by the force of the other This is treason to the sovereignty of the people and treason to god, by destroying that moral beauty of unity which the creator intended for mankind: and, if to work out our own redemption be called “party feeling” we accept it.

We call upon true democrats of all ranks to support us; but especially on the working class; we invite them to contribute to our pages, for we want the sledge hammer strokes which working-men who do think can give, and, if we cannot reach the head of the present system of things why we’ll let drive at the feet ! Keep at work, and the mighty Triune which crushes us now, shall ere long make way for an educated and enfranchised people, who shall yet make Old England a land worth living and worth dying for.

Such a publication appearing in Manchester or Leeds would be nothing wonderful; but we must say we are agreeably surprised to find a small town like Uxbridge containing men who not only dare think for themselves, but who also, are determined to give their free thoughts utterance, with the view of hastening the political and social emancipation of their order.
Such men claim our respect and good wishes; and most earnestly we wish them success. 

The whole of the article in the number are well written; their titles are significant – “The Labour Question”, “Letter of a Labourer” “Emigration and the Aristocracy” “Where is Religion to be found” &c, &c We must make another extract from this boldly-written “Vindicator” of the rights of the proletarians:-
“We have to play a grand part in the history of the future. Our gallant brothers of Paris, Vienna and Berlin, must not bleed on the barricades for labour’s rights in vain. The problem will again and again force itself on the world. And, if our rulers dare not grapple with it, we must do the work ourselves. Working men, we must understand each other – let us learn what wrongs have been perpetrated for that is the first step towards redress. We must ourselves, assert our rights or we shall never win them. We have been listeners in the political arena – now let us mount the platform.

The Schoolmaster is abroad. Let the enemies of justice look to it. 
Work, on ye “MEN OF THE FUTURE”.

The Uxbridge Spirit of Freedom and Working Man’s Vindicator
A monthly journal devoted to the advocacy of the rights of the working classes. Price one penny. Conducted by Working Men. All profits arising from the sale of this journal will be given to the (Chartist) Victim Fund or Executive