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1936 Hayes & Harlington Urban District Council

Labour Party Candidates

Anna Bergitta Greenhead (ELECTED) South Ward
Second Avenue, Hayes
Married Women
Chairman Hayes UDC 1935-1936, Secretary Hayes and Uxbridge Divisonal Labour Party

“Council work has become her full time occupation”
“Mrs Greenheads energetic devotion to the public work with which she has been associated herself is admired by all who has any knowledge of the extent of her efforts for the welfare of the district she serves”

John “Bill” Lipscombe
222 (or 223) Station Road, Harlington
Aircraft fitter Fairey Aviation
Secretary of Hayes Amalgamated Engineering
Union (AEU), Shop Steward Fairey Aviation. Resident of Harlington since 1927

John Edward Dickinson
132 Crowell Road, Hayes
Gramophone Motor Mechanic
member of the electrician Union (ETU), Secretary Wood End Park Tenants Association. formerly of
Essex. Came to Hayes 1930

George William Walker
Motor Fitter

73 Bourne Avenue, Hayes
Vice Chair Harlington Labour Party 1934-1935, National union of Railwayman since 1934

Douglas Page (ELECTED)
49 Central Avenue, Hayes
Beltman Engineer
(TGWU member) Joint Workers Union member at,
Governor Uxbridge County School

Gordon George Smith (ELECTED)
52 Woodrow Avenue, Hayes
Engineer Storekeeper
Former National Executive Committee member of the Transport & General Workers Union (TGWU), Secretary Grange park section of the Labour Party

William Cyril Mongor (ELECTED)
27 Wood End Park
Wood Machinist
members of National Society of woodcutting machinists. Resident of Wood End Park estate

Robert William Jones (National Unemployed Workers Union ) candidate
21 Acacia Avenue, Hayes
Wireless Engineer

NOTE:Labour Councillor, Robert W Gunton stood down at this election (1936) having been on Hayes UDC from 1915-1936

At his final Hayes UDC council meeting in March 1936 Gunton stated that he “wished to be associated with the great Housing estate (800 Botwell Estate, Hayes)”
(which had been considered the finest in the country and visited by delegations from America, Australia and Japan)

He had remained in the Labour Group and had fought his battles in the Group and in the Committee which was the place in which they should be fought”

In 1936 six Labour “Left” councilors broke away to form a "Genuine Labour" Group these included Wilfred Sutcliffe, Ernest Kirby Harding, William Cyril Mongor, Gordon George Smith, T.H. Denton,

Yiewsley & West Drayton UDC Labour Party Candidates 1936

Beatrix Alice Beaumont (Elected)

17 Frays Avenue, Yiewsley
First elected women to Yiewsley & West Drayton UDC in 1933

Husband of Captain Hubert Beaumont elected to UDC in 1934, later Labour MP for Batley & Morley, West Yorkhsire (1939-1949) and Deputy Speaker in the House of Commons

Samuel “Sammy” Thorn (Elected)
NAULAW member also Salvation army

St Stephens Road, Yiewsley

George Varley (Elected)
Railway Clerk

18 St Stephens Rd, Yiewsley
Allotments, Local secretary of Horticultural society

Ronald Philip Brewerton
Baker Checker

67 Bentwick Road, Yiewsley
Local Branch Secretary of A.U.O.B.C

James Stevenson
1 Napier Close, West Drayton
member A.U.O.B.C.

John William Scott
St Giles, Hatch lane, Harmondsworth
Chair Yiewsley Labour Party, Secretary Yiewsley Nursing Association

Harold William Dunster
Baker Roundsman LCS Co-Op

26 Castle Avenue, Yiewsley
Secretary of local National Union of Distribution & Allied Workers Union
Secretary Yiewsley Labour Party

Ruislip & Northwood UDC Labour Candidates 1936

Beatrice Georgina Reid (ELECTED)
Married Women
12 (?)
Morford Way, Eascote

William Charles Locke (ELECTED)
Abbotsbury Gardens, Eastcote
Carpent & Joiner

Cyril Alfred Dee
49 Sharps Lane,

John Rowlinson
Trade Union Clerk

40 Cromwell Road

Jock Lulv Whitfield

41 Brixham Crescent, Ruislip Manor


Beatrice Reid & William Locke (Ruislip South Ward) election in 1936, first ever Labour councilors elected to Ruislip & Northwood council