Monday, January 13, 2014

Yiewsley & West Drayton Co-operative Society - September 1893

Yiewsley and West Drayton Co-operative Society ( Committee 1910 ?)

President: H.J. Chilton
Secretary: E.Cox

Yiewsley and West Drayton Co-operertaive Committee:

T.Belcher; J.Hillver; T. Johnson; J.Kew; C. Light; H.J. Mullett; A.D. Pembroke and Whitehead

Education Committtee:
Chilton, Cox, Kew, Page and Pembroke and Mrs C.Belcher, T. Belcher; A.Davis; Embery, Emmerton and Pembroke.


The Yiewsley and West Drayton Cooperative Society was established in 1893 with 100 members and 
£100 shares capital now had 410 members and £1,200

Mr E.Cox Secretary
Yiewsley and West Drayton Co-Operative Society
Established 1893 Yiewsley & West Drayton Co-operative was formed on
25th September 1893 at DeBurgh Hall 
With Mr Lake as member Number 1 placed his one pond share (£500) and Mr C. Heron as President. 

 Yiewsley & West Drayton Co-Operative Society opened a Co-operative store at 31 and 32 Windsor Street, Uxbridge on Thursday 10th March 1910.

This was the Societies second store, having built up "Splendid business" at Yiewsley.

The Yiewsley & West Drayton Co-Operative Society reported it had over 500 member in 1910, most of whom were women

Mrs Gasson (Mrs M.A. Gasson of Acton ?) from the Wholesale Co-operative Union speaking at a Societies Hall in Yiewsley meeting in 1910 stated "many men were afraid to join the Society, for by doing so they would be endangering their position, and yet they called their land free England"

Finally merged into the London Co-operative Society in 1930.