Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Conservative Party MP support for the Blackshirts, Hitler & The Daily Mail

Sir Thomas Moore (1886-1971)
Ayr Burghs Conservative Party Member of Parliament 1925-1964

Participated in the British expeditionary Force that invaded Russia after the Russian Revolution to support Czarist and "White" forces. A dirty war when Winston Churchill ordered the use of "Chemical weapons".

Member of the secret pro German, pro Hitler - Anglo- German Fellowship
Dubbed "Hitler's friend" by the Sunday pictorial

In October 1933 Thoms Moore had stated "Peace and justice are the keynotes of (Hitler's) Policies)

DSir thomas Moore MP was a supporter of the British Union of Fascists and its leader Sir Osward Mosley and Daily Mail supporter

In his Article he wrote for the Daily Mail 25th April 1934, entitled

"The blackshirts have what the Conservatives need"

Thomas Moore Conservative Party MP for Ayr stated

What is there in a black shirt which gives apparent dignity and intelligence to the wearer...... all seemingly filled with the same emotions, pride of race, love of Country, loyalty, hope.

As I listened to Sir Osward Mosley, I got my answer. There was little if any policy which could not be accepted by the most loyal follower of our present Conservative Party leaders

The majority of the essentials and many of the details are part and parcel of strict Tory doctrine"