Thursday, December 15, 2011

Southall Industrial Co-Opeartive Society

On Wednesday 17th August 1890 a public meeting was held at St John's School, Southall to discuss the formation of a Co-Operative store in Southall. Mr T. E. Harland occupied the Chair and amongst those present were Mr A. Romney, B. G. Hanson, G.Harper, A. Upton, W. Tebbutt, J. Wilson, C. Mead, W.F. Sanger and J. Shirley.

The Chairman spoke briefly on the advantages of the Society and introduced Mr Cooper from the Guild of Co-operators.

Mr Cooper gave an exhaustive resume of the working of the stores generally and as an investment for the working man it was unique. All goods were sold at a fair rate and the profits distributed among the shareholders.

At the end of the meeting, it was resolved to establish a store in Southall on the principles laid down by the delegate.

Buckinghamshire Advertiser
20 August 1890