Tuesday, December 27, 2011

George Lohmann - Surrey, England and The Clarion

The Clarion founded in 1891, was edited by Robert Blatchford, socialist and keen cricketer, Blatchford employed George Lohman
n, the Surrey and England fast bowler, to contribute to its pages.

George Alfred Lohmann was born 2 June 1865, London
and is regarded as one of the greatest bowlers of all time. Statistically, he holds the lowest lifetime Test bowling average among bowlers with more than fifteen wickets and he has the second highest peak rating for a bowler in the ICC ratings.

A pay dispute, in 1896 before the Ashes decider at the Oval caused Lohmann, along with Billy Gunn to withdraw from the last Test match, the other players being bullied into playing.

Lohmann continued to play for Surrey that Au
gust, but at the end of the season his health again degenerated and he had to return to South Africa and a continuation of the 1896 pay dispute caused Lohmann to be blacklisted and he never played for his country again.

George Lohmann died Western Cape, South Africa, 1 December 1901

Buried at Matjiesfontein,
South Africa