Monday, June 13, 2011

German "Red Front" - " Rot Front" Defending Workers in the 20's

The German "Red Front " Rotfrontkämpferbund was a self defence organisation established 18th July 1924 with a proud record of defending workers, trade unionists and the "Left" from attack upon it's meeting's, demonstrations and picket lines by the bosses, right wingers and later Nazi thugs.

The "Red Front" was established on 18th July 1924 under the leadership of the inspirational leader Ernst Thälmann (16 April 1886 – 18 August 1944). It was banned in 1932 as part of the attack upon the Left by the German establishment who would allow Hitler to seize power in 1933. The Nazi party actually lost 34 seats in the November 1932 general election and never secured a majority in it's own right. Ernst Thälmann was imprisoned by the Nazi's and was shot by them on Hitler's orders in August 1944 at the Buchenwald concentration camp at the end of World War I.

The Red Front had a greeting:

"Rot Front!" ("Red Front!") was spoken while the right arm was raised with fist clenched, fingers looking forward. The traditional left greeting still used on demonstration's

The RFB issued their official newspaper, Die Rote Front

There was also a youth organization (ages 16-21), Rote Jungfront (Young Red Front).

Der rote Wedding (Red Front), lyrics by Erich Weinert and music by Hanns Eisler (1928) is an anti Nazi battle hymn for the Red Front: (Video above)