Saturday, June 18, 2011

Eric "Ginger" Evans - TGWU Union - EMI Hayes

Eric "Ginger" Evans was a leading member of the Transport & General Workers Union at EMI in the 1960's, 70's and 80's (TGWU 1/690) working in the Packing Department at Blyth Road, Hayes, West Middlesex for over thirty years.

At one point Eric Evans was a member of the TGWU National Executive Committee, and was a regular delegate to TGWU conference.

He was presented with a TGWU "Gold badge" the highest union award (circa 1986 or 87) by TGWU General Secretary Rod Todd.

He was a patient at Hayes Cottage Hospital during the period of it's occupation by staff in late 1983.

Eric Evans lived at 43 Judge Heath Lane (Belmore Ward)

A Labour party member, Eric was generally on the left and opponent of Hayes right wing MP's Skeffington and Sandleson, he also opposed the local right wing Labour run Hayes & Harlington Urban District Council on issues such as council house rents.

Unfortunately, later in life Eric and his close friend fellow Welshman, Cllr Ivor Anthony fell out with the direction of the Hayes Labour Party in the Press on issues such as Gay rights and Ireland. As a result a witch hunt was launched against the local party by Labour party head office and the right wing media - no evidence of "ultra leftism" or "infiltration" by groups was ever forthcoming.

It's has to be pointed out that Eric was suffering from bad health during this period.

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