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Salford Municipal Election - Labour Candidate 1925

To The Electors of
Docks Ward
Salford Municipal Election
Monday 2 Novmber 1925

Ladies and Gentlemen,

You favoured me with your confidence and elected
me as your representative to the Borough Council at a Bye-Election in January, 1919. The Electors so approved of my efforts that I was returned unopposed at two subsequent Elections (November, 1919, and November,
1922), and it is on account of the growing strength of the Labour Party in the Council that I am now opposed by the Conservative Party.

I have again been requested by a large number of ELECTORS, TRADE UNIONISTS and the SOUTH SALFORD LABOUR PARTY, to place
my services at your further disposal : to this wish I have willingly acceded.

During the past six years I have on every possible occasion pressed for improvements which would benefit my fellow-workers.

I am at present a member of the following Committees : Watch, Museums, Libraries and Parks, Tramways, Building and Bridges (Chairman of this Committee continuously for the past four years), and Port Sanitary Autfoerity. This, together with my past experience on other Committees, will be invaluable for future efforts.

I am wholly in favour of the LABOUR PARTY Municipal Programme.


The erection of houses at rents in accordance with the workers' economic position.


Gas, Electricity and Tramways undertakings to be worked for the BENEFIT of all, and not for profit.


A further extension of same, especially in Docks Ward.


I am against the present policy of cutting down the expenses, believing that money spent on Education is of benefit to all.


I am in favour of this site being retained as Public property.

Workers, this is your fight, and if you are of opinion that I have redeemed my past promises, I assure you that, if you again have confidence in me and return me to the Borough Council, I will in the future as
in the past, give of my best for the benefit of the workers in Docks Ward
and the Borough in general.

I am, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Faithfully yours,
Fred A Luckarift

1 Vere Street

Frederick Albert Luckarift

1901 census
Frederick A Luckarift aged 40, born Jersey, Channel island now living Salford - Friut warehouseman

One Source states Frederick A Luckarift Died 1926 Llundudno, North Wales