Sunday, March 20, 2011

I'Humanite 50th Anniversary 1954

Dear Comrade Duclos,

It is with pride and joy that we greet I'Humanite on this historic 50th anniversary of its first appearance on April 4, 1904.

Founded by Jean Jaures, beloved leader of French Socialism before the First World War, it has ever since preserved the best traditions of the early Socialist movement.

With the formation of, the Communist Party after the First World War (arising from the majority decision of the French Socialist Party), I'Humanite carried forward the fightfor Socialism, inspired by the great victory of the October Socialist Revolution which put an end to Tsarism and capitalism.

Under the direction of Marcel Cachin, that grand Communist stalwart, it has served as a beacon light in the struggle of the French workers, peasants and intellectuals for higher living standards, national independence and for peace and Socialism.

L'Humanite occupies an honoured position in the international Labour movement. It has won the love and affection, not only of all sincere French patriots, but of all democrats and lovers of peace throughout the world.

Outstanding in its long and honourable record is its leadership and stimulus between the wars in the fight for the Popular Front, its magnificent support for the people of Spain, and its searing exposures of Nazi agents in high circles in the French Government.

In the dark days of the Nazi occupation of France, it was the illegal I'Humanite. exemplified. by the martyred Gabriel Peri, which served to inspire the heroic resistance movement of the French people.

It held aloft the torch of freedom when many of those now in French ruling circles were collaborating withthe Nazis.

After the defeat of Nazi Germany and the emergence of the United States as the dominant imperialist power driving towards a third world war, I'Humanite has held on high the banner of world peace, friendship with the Soviet Union, and the national independence of France. Concerned with the best interests of the people of France, it has fought against all colonial oppression, especially in North Africa, and given full support to the liberation struggle of the people of Viet-Nam.

L'Humanite is a shining star among the great number of Communist and workers' newspapers in the capitalist world. It throws a brilliant light on the problems of the French people, and on the struggle of the toiling masses throughout the world for a better life, for democratic liberties, for world peace, and the advance to Socialism. In its portrayal of the gigantic socialist achievements in the Soviet Union, the triumph of the Chinese People's Republic, and the rapid advance in the People's Democracies, it serves to pierce the thick curtain of lies and distortions.

L'Humanite is the recognised voice of all true French patriots and lovers of peace. It expresses the powerful opposition of the French people to the rebirth of German militarism, and their passionate hopes and desires for a peaceful, united and democratic Germany. It champions the cause of the workers and peasants, democratic liberties and cultural advance, and the cause of the oppressed people in all parts of the world.

Long live "L'Humanite"!

Long live the Communist Party of France!

Long live World Peace!

Yours fraternally,

Harry Pollitt
Communist Party of Great Britain