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London I.L.P. Speakers. 1908

Directory of Independent Labour Party I.L.P
Speakers 1908

Every speaker on this list has been nominated by his or her branch,but as some branches have not sent any names this list is necessarily

An attempt has been made to secure an indication from branches as to the special suitability of the speakers for different kinds of meetings.

The classifying letters before speakers' names therefore mean : —

a. Suitable for Indoor Educational Lectures.

b. „ „ Addressing Trade Union Branches.

c. „ ,, Open- Air Propaganda Meetings.

By means of this indication it is hoped to save Lecture Secretaries and others much unnecessary correspondence. Where no letters appear the
information has not been furnished.

Lecture Secretaries should note that when writing speakers a stamped addressed postcard for reply should always be included.


abc Ablett, Noah, Ruskin College, Oxford
ac Adams, E., 48, Cholmeley road, Reading
abc Albery, A. Stuart, 16, St. George's road. Southwark
a Allnutt, Henry C, Fordwich, near Canterbury
c Ames, B. T., 2, Wilton avenue, Chiswick, W
Anderson, W. C.,Chadworth buildingis, Lever'street, Goswell road, E.C.
c Anderton, A. H., 91, Dunstan's road, E. Diilwich, S.E.
a Andrews, Miss C. E., 160, Norwich road, Ipswich
abc Amot, A. R., 31, Torridge road, Thornton Heath
be Bainbridge, C., 86, Carr road, Walthamstow, N.E.
be Bancroft, John, 18, Petley road, Fulham, S.W.
be Band, Robert, i5, Victoria Cottages, Sandycombe road, Kew
be Banks, J. H., 6, Campbell road, Bow. E,
ac Banner, R., 16, Mil ward street, Woolwich
be Bannochie, J. M., 49, Tackbrook street, Pimlico
ab Barber, T. W.,'5, Culverden road, Balham, S.W.
b Batstone, A., 33, Mall road, Hammersmith, W.
a Beazley, N. G., 32, Ferndale road, Stockwell
abc Bell, G. Moore, 229, Eglinton road, Plumstead
c Bitton, Ben, 18, Pretoria terrace, Dover
a Bostock, H. G., 47, Dalkeith road. West Dulwich
ac Bottle, E., " Morris House," Waddon Station
c Briault, H. G., 6, Burlington Gardens, Acton, W.
ac Brooks, E., 27, St. Helen's street, Ipswich
abc Brown, Geo., Ruskin College, Oxford
abe Brownlie, J. T., 6, Chancelot road, Abbey Wood
ac Burrow, E. H., 130, Queen's road, Norwich
be Button, A., 21, Horsa road. Belvedere
abc Cadman, Coun. H., 55, Carrow road, Norwich
abc Cameron, A. G., 10, Sundridge terrace, South Ealing, W.
abc Campbell, P., 16, Ravenswood road, Walthamstow, N.E
ab Campbell, Mrs., 16, Ravenswood road, Walthamstow, N.E.
abc Chapman, J. S., 51, Seaview road, Gillingham, Kent
c Clarke, W., 41, Station road, Plumstead
a Coit, Dr. S., 30, Hyde Park Gate, S.W
c Collins, R., no, Ditching road, Brighton
ab Coppuck, G., 26, Boult's Walk, Reading
ac Cosedge, Allan P., 21, Beauchamp road. Upper Norwood, S.E.
b Cowie, J., 18, Miriam road, Plumstead
c Crawford, T., 8, St. Stephen's avenue, Shepherds Bush, W
b Croot, Coun. G., 79, Sutton Court road, Plaistow, E.
c Cunningham, Cecil, 45, Speldhurst road, Bedford Park, W.
abc Curran, Mrs., i, Pretoria avenue, Walthamstow, N.E.
b Curson, J. W, Waveney Hotel, Sufiolk road, Lowestoft
ac Dale, J. G., Parliament Chambers, Great Smith street, S.W.
abc Darby, A. H., 49, Gough street, Poplar, E.
ac Davidson, J., 43, Federation road. Abbey Wood
a Davidson, Dr. W. A., Glen Shea, 235, Uxbridge road. Shepherd's Bush, W.
be Davies, R., 903, Ramford road. Manor Park, E.
abc Davies, R., 2, Marlborough road, Wimbledon Park, S.W.
abc Davis, Coun. D. J., 2, Custom street, Victoria Docks. E.
ac Day, Coun. H. A., Woodhurst, Newmarket road, Norwich
abc Dean, G. P., 34, Creighton avenue. East Ham
a Despard, Mrs. C, 2, Currie street. Nine Elms
abc Devaney, Coun. W., 3, Charford road. Canning Town, E.
a Dodd, F. Lawson, 41, Wimpole street, London, W.
ac Dodd, J. Fletcher Socialist Holiday Camp, Caister-on-Sea
abc Dubery, H., 40, Lavenham road, Southfields, S.W.
be Duckworth, J., Ruskin College, Oxford
a Dukes, Ashley, 49, Ia,wford road, N,W.
abc Duncan, C, M.P., 16, Agincourt road, Hampstead, N.W
be Dunnett, Coun. A., 87, Marlborough road, Norwich
c Dunsmore, Coun. R., 12, Osborne road. South Acton, W.
ac Easton, Coun. F., 82, Pitt street, Norwich
ac Eder, Dr. M. D., 46, Fitzroy street, Fitzroy Square, W.C.
ac Edwards, R. P., 149, Thorold road, Chatham
abc Ensor. R. C. K., 49, Ontario Buildings, Blackwall, E.
abc Evans, Jack. Ruskin College, Oxford
abc Evans, Tom, Ruskin College, Oxford
be Evans, W. A., King's road, Haslemere
be Farland, A. W., i, Brompton lane, Strood
c Farley, Rev. R. P., B.A., The Mission, Bell street, Marylebone, N.W.
be Fiddyment, Geo. W., 6» Church road, Teddington
c Foster, H. G., 61,^ Iflley road, Hammersmith, W.
c Freeman, C. J., 23, Willis street^ Norwich
be Fuller, J. C, 8, Leighton road. West Ealing
be Gardner, Coun. B., 15, Ling road, Canning Town, E.
c Gamer, E. T., 334, High Road, Wood Green, N.
e Geeson, J. senr., 108, St. Leonard's street, Bromley-by-Bow, E.
e Gildon, F., 22, Powis street, Woolwich
be Gill, Edward, Ruskin College, Oxford
Golding, Henry J., 11, Wiesbaden road. Stoke Newington N.
Goode, S. B., 48, Upper Park road. New Southgate
Gossip, Alex., 125, Mirabel road, Fulham, S.W.
e Gourd, A. G., i, Cowper road, Kingston, Portsmouth
Grafton, W., 15, ArUngford road, Tulse Hill, S.E.
Green, A. Romney, Foundry Meadow, Haslemere
Green, J. F.'N., 15, Bramshill Gardens, N.W.
Green, W. M., 129, Chapter road, Willesden, N.W.
Grinling, C. H., 17, Rectory place, Woolwich
be Guest, Dr. L. Haden, 119a, Broadwall, London, S.E.
Guest, Mrs. L. Haden, 305, Shrewsbury road. East Hain
Hall, A., 1ll, Maxey road, Plumstead
e Harding, W. H., 61, Ifflley road. Hammersmith, W
Hardy, A. P., Shepherd's Hut, Bear's road, Brighton
be Harley, Coun. J. H., M.A., 8, Kingston House, Camden street, N.W.
be Harris, Joseph, 66, Roman road, Lowestoft
c Hawksley, T. W., 92, Marquis road, N.W.
Healy, Miss, 82, Sutton Court, Chiswiek, W
be Hellicar, Mr., 131, Montague road, Leytonstone, NJE.
be Henderson, F., Earlham Rise, Earlham road, Norwich
be Hewson, A., 33, Foulsham road, Thornton Heath
Higgs, Richard, Coxhill Farm, Shepherdswell, Dover
Hillyard, Brame, 155, Bedford Hill, Balham, S.W.
: Holmes, F. G. C, 36, Gathorne road, Wood Green, N.
be Holmes, Coun. W., 128, Churchill road, Norwich
b Hopkins, Clement, 5, Byron villas, Bound's Green road. New Southgate,
c Home, George, 26, York Rise, N.W.
be Humby, Mr., 24, Chichester road, North End, Portsmouth
tx: Hunter, Edmund, College Hill, Haslemere
: Hutley, S. F., 9, Caudwell Hall road, Ipswich
: Ingham, Frank, 84, Sandgate road, Brighton
be Jackson, R. F., School House, Whitton, Ipswich
James, Coun. H., 44, Park street. Regent's Park, N.W.
: Jay, A. E., 49, Cobham road, Wood Green, N.
z Jebb, George, 26, Broad street, Banbury, Oxfordshire
Jenner, Sid, 11, Victoria road, N.W.
Joplin, J., Rotterdam road, Lowestoft
: Jones, Rev. L. Jenkins, ** Broomhill,"
ac Jordan, T., i8, Broomhall road, Sanderstead, Croydon
abc Kelly, W. T., 68, Denman road, Peckham, S.E.
abc Kerr, H. D., Hampden House, Hampden street, N.W
c Key, C, lo. East Bourne, West Grove, Woodford, Essex
c Kille, Coun., 28, St. Alban's road, Portslade, Sussex
a Kirkman, F. B., 19, Dartmouth Park Hill, N.W
b Knights, G. M., 27, Salisbury road, Lowestoft
ac Lake, Harold, Blean, near Canterbury
abc Lansbury, Geo., 103, St. Stephen's road, Bow, E.
abc Lawson John, Ruskin College, Oxford
ac Le Cerf, F. J, 48, Leamington Road villas, Paddington, W
abc Lethaby, T. J., 43, Wanlip road, Plaistow, E.
ac Lewis, A; Dv, 73, Westbourne terrace, Paddington
be Ling, W., ** lolanthe," Larner road, Erith v , .
ac Lloyd, C. C, B.A., 105, St. Benedict's place, Norwich
a Lombardie, E. M., 14, Harvest road, Paddington .
abc Luckett, H., 5, St. George's terrace, Buckland, Portsmouth
abc Lynds, Archibald J. D., 4, Shawfield street, Chelsea .
abc McAllen, E., 43a, Winstead street, Battersea Park, S.W.-
Mac Arthur, Mary R., Club Union Buildings, Clerkenwell rd, London S.W.
a MacDonald, J. R., M.P., 3, Lincoln's Inn Fields, W.C.
ac MacDonald, Mrs., 3, Lincoln's Inn Fields, W.C.
be Macnamara, T., 42, Wilmount street, Woolwich .
abc Mactavish, J. M., 68, Cuthbert road, Kingston, Portsmouth '
ab Mahoney, H., 2, Soudan noad, Battersea, S.W.
be Mann, Charles, HiU View, Horsted Keynes, Sussex
abc March, S., 9, Upper North street, Pbplar, E. ' '
ac Maynard, Bertram, 42, Crescent rbad, Upton Manor, E. "
c Maynard, G. M., 6, Knoll road. East Hill, Wandsworth, S.E.
a McMillan, Miss* Margaret, 51, Twefcdy road, Bromlfey, Kfent
a Millard, E., 146, High street, Harlesden, N.W. >
ac Moore, Mrs. Margaret, 4, Playfield Crescent, East Dulwich, S.E.
ac Moorman, Mr., I.L.P. Institute, St. Stephen's Church lane, Ipswich
a Muir, Miss Mary, 36, Navarino Mansions, Dalston, E. '
be Morris, E., 16, DeVonport road, Shepherd's Bush, W. '
abc Muggeridge, H. T., 10, Broomhall road, Sanderstead
abc Murray, Harold, King's road, Haslemere
abc Mylles, J., 8, St. Stephen's avenue, Shepherd's Bush, W.
abc Naysmith, D., 123, Jessie road, Southsea, Portsmouth
e Newman, J., 75, Heavitree road, Plumstead
c Nightingale, H., 2, Devonshire road, Walthamstow, N.
abc Nokes, Alf., Ruskin College, Oxford
abc Norris, F., 60, Mersham road, Thornton Heath
ac Norris, Tom, 2, Wimborne Gardens, Ealing, W.
O'Brien, Coun., 5, Brackley terrace, Chiswick, W.
ac O'Dell, G. E., 21, Highlever road, North Kensington, W.
a Osmotherley, E., i, Crofton road, Plaistow, E.
abc Pattinson, Cruris., Ruskin College, Oxford
ac Payne, Coun. H., Ivy Dene, Queen street, Banbury, Oxfordshire
abc Pedley, A. B., Woodville^ Canterbury road. Ley ton .
abc Penfold, F. W., 3?, Rampagne street, Westminster
abc Penfold, J. R., 27, Chapter street, Westminster
ac Perriman, F., I.L.P. Institute, St. Stephen's Church lane^ Ipswich
abc Piggott, W., 5, South road, Southall, W.
abc Fleming, H., Weycombe lodge, Haslemere
abc Quin, Mr. C., 77a, Jersey road, Leyton
ab Ramage, A., 17, Mirrow buildings. Green street, Blackfriars, S.E.
c Rean, W. F., loi, Kitchener road, Forest Gate, E.
b Reed, Coun. E., 4, Portland road, Victoria Docks, E.
ac Reeve, Harry, Brampton Old Hall, Wangford, Suffolk
c Reeves, A. C, 15, Newark place, Brighton
a Rite, Ed., 26, Cecil road, Rochester
abc Romeril, H., 66, Norther oft road. West Ealing, W.
c Ross, H., 6, Cantwell road, Plumstead
c Rowntree, J. W., 178, Stafford road, Southtown, Yarmouth
ac Rowlette, Miss J., c/o. Dr. W. Evans Darby, 47, New Broad street, E.C.
a Sanders, Wm., 18, Brynmaer road, Battersea, S.E.
Sanderson, Mrs. Cobden, River House, The Mall, Hammersmith, W.
b Saunders, F. W., 13, Patnick road, Caversham, near Reading
a Schloesser, H., 44, Beloize square, N.W.
c J. Sheppard, i, Havelock place, Anglesey Hill, Plumstead
ac Shillaker, Coun. J. F., 95, Fielding road, Bedford Park, W.
ac Simmons, T. Bayard, 5, Heathfield road, Croydon
abc Sidey, Coun. H. A., 31, Clarence road, Croydon
a Slater, Dr. G., 84, Eglington road, Plumstead
a Smith, F. H. B., Havelock street, Canterbury
abc Smith, Coun. W. R., 41, Denmark road, Norwich
abc Snell, Harry, 12, Leighton grove, W.
abc Speed, Walter, 32, York road, Canterbury
b Stafford, J.. 13, Shieldhall road. Abbey Wood
abc Stranghan, J. W., 12, Broomhall road, Sanderstead, Croydon
b G. Steer, 49, Odger street, Battersea, S.W.
ac Steffens, Rev. C. W., 13, Wrotham road, Camden Town, N.W.
be Stephenson, Wilfrid, Ruskin College, Oxford
be Sumner, C. E., 61, Knapp road, Bromley-by-Bow, E.
a Swales, A. B., 58, Broughton road, Fulham, S.W.
be Tanner, W. H,. 53, Salisbury road. West Ealing
abc Tapp, A. W., 104, Windmill road, Gillingham, Kent
b A. Taylor,, 138, First avenue. Manor Park, E.
ac Thompson, Rev. G. W., 74, Oakley square, London, N.W.
ab Thrussell, J. C, 12, Chapter street, Westminster
ac Timms, Coun. W., 9, Duke street, Banbury, Oxfordshire
abc Trainer, E., 159, Grove Green road, Leyton
a Tribe, Reginald, 31, St. Leonard's terrace, Chelsea
b Turner, C, 26, Dore road. Manor Park
ac Tynemouth, A., 25, Greenvale road. Well Hall, Eltham
ac Vaughan, Percy, 21, Thurloe square, S.W.
be Walker, R. B., 4, Bridge bank, Banbury, Oxfordshire