Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Doc" Galin - Middx Teacher & Activist 1965

The "Doc"

By the sudden death of "Doc" Galin —the teaching profession, the N.U.T. and the peace and Labour movements have lost a great personality. Hundreds of us who were privileged to work with him over the fifty years of his active life have lost a great friend.

Looking back over the forty years since I first met "Doc" in the early years of the Middlesex Secondary and Technical Association I can not think of anyone who has won a higher reputation in all the progressive movements of teachers than "Doc".

He was a life-long socialist who stuck to the best traditions and principles of the Labour Party through thick and thin.

He was a stalwart Unionist, one of the pioneers of professional unity. By his sincerity and down-to-earth humanity he won the respect and affection of the N.U.T. Conference.

How often did Conference applaud his humorous, witty but never malicious debunking of pretentious, self-seeking mediocrities! And how many battles did he fight and win for unfortunate colleagues!

"Doc" was one of the founders of the Teachers' Peace movement and stuck to it through the most difficult witch-hunting years when not a few gave up.

He never wavered and never gave up. He was still at it when he died, but he lived long enough to see the causes which he pioneered near the top of the agenda.

He would not expect a finer epitaph.

G. C. T. Giles

Education Today and Tommorrow Volume XVII March/April 1965 Number 4
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