Thursday, June 21, 2007

Peter Fagan Election Team 1987 General Election

Peter MacDonald (TGWU), Michael Walker (COHSE), Gina Pearson (TGWU), Christine Saunders(NALGO), Chris Malkin, Chris Rogers(CPSA), Karen Livney(GMB), Marrion Way (NUPE), Graham Tomlin (TASS), Brian Neighbour (TGWU), Ray Travell (TGWU), Tuffer Bowman (UCATT)

Trade union for Labour officers (TULO) Peter Marshall (COHSE) and John Fahy (USDAW)

Chris Rogers would be Assistant Agent then Mick Martin (TGWUOfficer)Agent for the election

All Labour newsletters to be called "The Voice"

Labour Party Headquarters at APEX (The white collar union) office Clayton Road (upstairs)