Saturday, June 30, 2007

Ann Wake

Ann Wake - By Election Hillingdon West

Outspoken and dynamic Ann Wake, a 40-year-old housewife and mother, is to be Labour's candidate in the Hillingdon West by-election on 19 October 1989.

Speaking out on such relevant issues as the Ambulance crew overtime ban, she said, "Quite apart from its attacks generally on our NHS, the Tories have consistently neglected the dedicated workers who enable this essential service to operate. Those with front-line jobs, like our nurses and ambulance crews, are always in the back row, when it comes to pay awards."

She added, "It is because of poor pay and under-staffing that health workers are forced to work so much overtime. I wish the ambulance men and women success in their efforts to achieve a reasonable rate of pay for their stressful, skilled and vital work."

Ann was born in Hayes, educated at Bishopshalt School and worked as a School Secretary in a Hillingdon comprehensive until the birth of her first child.

She has lived in Hillingdon West since 1979 and became a member of the Labour Party in 1983. She was a local election candidate for Hillingdon West ward in 1986, when the ward recorded the highest swing to Labour in the entire borough.

She has served as a school governor at Hillingdon Junior and Infant schools and is currently Vice-Chairman of Uxbridge Labour Party and organiser of the Women's section.

The Labour Candidate holds strong views on a number of subjects, including the poll tax,
which is likely to be one of the key issues in the by-election.

Indeed, Hillingdon West ward considers the poll tax issue, a priority issue. All the more so, since it takes in Hillingdon Hospital nurses' accommodation, the RAF base and several new housing developments of mainly small homes - all groups which will be severely hit by the poll tax.

Ann Wake also had something to say on another topical issue - that of the Hillingdon Village proposed alterations. "I am totally opposed to alterations to the Uxbridge Road in the Hillingdon Village area, which will detract from the village atmosphere, spoil the recently-reclaimed village green and possibly damage older historic buildings by bringing heavy traffic flow closer. I am concerned about the accident record on this stretch, but I feel sure there must be alternative answers to road safety problems' other than diverting heavy traffic into this area."

On the by-election, she pointed out that it provided the opportunity for Hillingdon electors to end "the precarious and impractible years of 'hung' council and to begin a positive future with a Labour council." The Labour candidate also saw it as a chance "for voters to deliver their verdicts on the Tory government policies - the unjust poll tax, the attacks on our NHS, the proposed privatization of water and the government's total lack of commitment to environmental issues."
She noted that the Labour Party feels strongly about 'mother tongue' teaching to young students, is currently seeking land/building for the Islamic Centre and is committed to reviving the Asian Women's centre.

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