Monday, February 17, 2014

Celtic Green Brigade Circa 1935 - Politics & Sport

Frank Pitcairn reporting on the 1935 Scottish Hunger March reported that prior to the quarter final Cup game between Aberdeen and Glasgow Celtic held on 9th March 1935 in front of a crowd of over 40,000 at Pittodrie.

The bourgeois of Aberdeen said that their would not be much interest in the start of the Hunger March because of the Cup Tie in the City  " football would take workers minds off politics"

"The thing that jolted them worse than anything else was the sight of the Celtic boys up for the cup standing along the pavements shouting "Red Front" as they marched past"

Daily Worker 16th March 1935
Ease Fife United Mineworkers of Scotland  was a very successful amateur team organised by the "Red" Miners union the United Mineworkers of Scotland (picture of the East Fife UMS team 1935)