Sunday, October 27, 2013

Hayes Labour 1971

Labour candidates Hillingdon 1971

Belmore Ward
Mrs D "Beryl". Bell Labour
  Mrs E "Maggie"  Broughton (Labour)
Mr Paul Harmsworth (Labour)
Martin Craxton (Labour)

John Mansfield (Communist)

Hayes Ward
Robert Came (Labour)
Ossie Garvin (Labour)
Mr J. Walters (Labour

Jim Ford (Communist)

Yeading Ward
Mr Stanley Chilton (Labour)
Mr G. Edwards (Labour)
Mr Robert Willams (Labour)

Peter Pink (Communist)

Frogmore Ward
Ken Gigg (Labour)
Alan Madge (Labour)
E "Ted" Harris (Labour)

Steve Panayl (Communist)

Uxbridge Labour party Officers 1971
Percy W. Bush (Secretary)
Peter Smith (Chairman)
Ald Mrs W. Pomeroy (Vice Chairman)
George Pringle (Vice Chairman)
A. J. Potts (Treasurer)
Dave Heppenstall (Youth Officer)
A. Collins (social secretary)

President of Hillingdon Trades Council
Arthur R Groves called for maximum support for the demonstration against the Industrial relations Act on 21st February at Hyde Park at 1 pm 
"I dont believe this will stop the Industrial Relations Bill- only general action will do it, not a days strike but a general strike...I would prefer to strike for five weeks than have to put up with five years under the Tories"

Peter Pink Perspective Communist Party candidate

Vishnu Sharma spoke on the New Immigration Bill at a meeting organsied by Hayes Communist Party April 1971 He stated the new Act "would create insecurity in the lives of coloured immigrants and help the racialists to persuade Britons that black people were undesirable".

Arthur Skeffington MP had died causing a by election, John Ryan former Labour MP for Uxbridge decided not to stand

New Oxfam shop to open at 44 Coldharbour Lane, Hayes in March 1971 run by a Mrs Davis

March 1971 an Anti Apartheid demonstration on Botwell green was held in Hayes under the auspices of the Anti-Apartheid Movement. marched from Botwell green to a field in North Hyde Road

Patrick "Pat" Lyons addressed the demonstration also in attendance John Gaestewe (one time President and the General Secretary of SACTU ) Bob Hughes Labour MP for Aberdeen, Ernie Roberts (engineering union later MP Hackney) and Maggie Broughton, Alan Madge,Peter Pink, - Ealing Technology College banner was present.

Housing Estate for BA Workers

A new housing estate for British Airways staff was opened April 1971 at Manor Court, Monument Hill, Weybridge for BOAC workers. The scheme comprises of 75 two bedroom flats in three blocks built by the British Airways Staff Housing Society Limited. The BA Housing Society had now provided 1,650 houses. One of the first residents was Mr & Mrs E. A Ryan a British airways loader/driver employed by BEA having been notice to quit furnished rooms in Chiswick.