Tuesday, January 01, 2013

May Day - London 1973 - "Stop the Pay Freeze"

Dateline:...... May Day, London 1973

London saw its biggest and most united demonstration since the war as over 20,000 people marched, banners waving to the tune of a jazz float organised by the Musicians Union, from Temple to Hyde Park corner; in Glasgow 12,000 marched, in Liverpool 15,000 and in Birmingham 10,000.

Everywhere was the same slogan's - "Give use a decent standard of living", "Stop rising prices" and "Unfreeze our wages " Stop the Freeze" and "Heath Out"

COHSE Health Services Jounal - June 1973

How much longer must we tolerate rising prices, stagnant wages and Tory self-advancement at the expense of the workers.

in Britain the message of this year's labour day is as it has always been - the demand for a just, egalitarian society and a decent standard of living - a demonstration of the mighty power of the working class