Friday, July 27, 2012

Col: Peter Stubbers The Man Who Executed Charles I ?

After the Parliamentary victory in the English Civil War and the trial of Charles I it was necessary to find an executioner willing to carry the sentence out.

Richard Brandon the City of London executioner refused and so emissary were sent to Ireland, Scotland and wales in search in search of a volunteer. The prime suspect was believed to be Richard Gunning of Galway, Ireland who claimed that, his arm "had felt the muscles on the neck of the King of England" and that the property in the High Street, Galway known later as the "Kings Head" was given to Gunning as reward for his part in the execution, but evidence points to his neighbour Col Peter Stubbers as the executioner, for when King Charles II introduced the Act of indemnity that pardoned some of those who rose up against his father Stubbers was specifically exempted from the "pardon" and this, along with Stubbers swift exit and subsequent disappearance makes it likely according to local Galway historian Jackie Ui Chionna that Subbers the former Mayor and Military Governor of Galway was infact the executioner of Charles 1.

Today, the Kings Head pub in Galway, Ireland stands uniquely amongst public houses as being named in honour of the man who cut off  real Kings Head

(Picture of Col Stubbers and King Charles I head)